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Luca Zuberbühler “Lothar”

Synopsis: Whenever Lothar sneezes, things happen to explode. To protect the world he locks himself into a subterranean home, isolated from the outer world. One day, an accident happens. Despite of all the care taken, he breaks his beloved toaster – a gift from his mother. The broken toaster compels him to leave his residence. Shortly after taking the risk, Lothar runs the world into great danger.

Biography: Born in Zurich 1986. Raised in Winkel (Bülach). Discovered a passion for film at age 18. Participated in many shortfilms and jobs as an assistant editor, editor and director. Exchange student year in High School, Jackson MI, USA. 2006 graduation (matura) in Zurich. Studied one year journalism. 2013 Bachelor of Arts in Film at the Zurich University of Arts.

SWIKOS Kurzfilm Festival, Switzerland, NOV 2013 Kurz & Knapp Festival Tour, Switzerland, 2013/2014
Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland, JAN 2014
Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis, JAN 2014
2013 Lothar Winner „Best Director“, SWIKOS Shortfilm Festival
2011 Kunschtseife Winner „Realtime Award“, Shnit International Shortfilmfestival
2009 Zu lange Winner „Golden Slamy / Audience Award“, 14. Slam-Movie-Night
2009 QFTV 3. Prize, 33. Schweizer Jugendfilmtage
2008 QFTV Spezial Prize „Best Idea“, Upcoming Filmmakers Luzern
2008 QFTV Winner „Golden Slamy / Audience Award“, 12. Slam-Movie-Night
2006 Daywatch Golden Dragon „Best Editing“, Film- und Videofestival Spiez und Thun
2006 Daywatch Winner „Springender Panther“, 30. Schweizer Jugendfilmtage

Lothar Switzerland, 2013 | 13 min 20 sec | Children, Narrative fiction - Directed by Luca Zuberbühler

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Resolution: HD 1920x1080 16:9 Format: Mp4 Color/ no dialogue Producer: Rajko Jazbec Screenwriter: Luca Zuberbühler Editor: Aurora Vögeli Director of photography: Valentino Vigniti Production designer: Fabian Lüscher, Lisa Bruggmann Music composer: Christian Schlumpf, Michael Duss, Martin Skalsky Sound: Christian Schäppi Animation: Silvio Alberti Cast: Aaron Hitz Lucas Zibulski Priska Elmiger