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Life glows …

Svetlo Tomu Kto Ljubit (Life glows for those in love)

Russia, 2013 | 27 min 0 sec | Narrative fiction, Comedy drama - Directed by Julia Kolesnik

Resolution: full HD 1920x1080   2.35:1

Format: Mov

Producer: Julia Kolesnik, Jana Kantor

Screenwriter/Editor: Julia Kolesnik

Director of photography: Dmitry Savinov

Production designer: Vitaly Truhanenko

Music composer: Kristina Vybornova

Sound: Svjatoslav Avilov, Peter Malafeev, Andrey Belchikov


Alisa Grebeschikova
Vadim Kolganov
Irina Loseva


Synopsis: Musical film inspired by a short story by Anton Chekhov “The Chorus Girl”. Lisa and Stanislav celebrate their first small anniversary, when a woman in tears appears at Lisa’s door. She introduces herself as Stanislav's wife. But who is she really and what does she want?


Biography: Childhood dreams of becoming a biologist, astronomer, painter, psychologist and owner of a zoo led to studying at the geographical department of Moscow State University. 5 years spent there brought into my life wonderful friends, invaluable life experience and led to the desire to create worlds on film. Next step was VGIK (The All-Russian Gerasimov Film School), where I joined the workshop of renown Soviet director Marlen Khuziev. Graduation film “Let’s Go for a Walk” won many prizes at the international film festivals. Full-feature debut “Lower Caledonia” followed. Current filmography also includes short features, TV series and documentary films.



Feature Films/ TV series

“Light for those who love”. Short musical fiction film based on a Chekhov’s novel, 2013

“As the Bells Ring”, selected episodes of Disney TV series, 2011

“Notary Public Adventures”, episode 2 of TV series, A-Media for Channel One., 2008.

“Lower Caledonia”, Full-feature film. 2008.

                - Critics Guild Prize at the “Spirit of Fire” Festival, Khanty-Mansijsk, 2008

                - Program participant at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, 2009

“Stubborn Target". Television film, 4 series. Released in 2004, is repeatedly shown on major Russian TV channels.

«Let’s Go For A Walk», 2002. Video, colour, 24 min. Graduation film.

Prizes at Russian and International festivals:

Nomination for a Student Oscar (American Film Academy Award) as the best short student film, 2003

Karlovy Vary film festival 2003 - Grand Prix for the Best short film

International Short Film Festival in Beijing, China - Grand Prix

International Film Festival in Lodz, Poland - 1st Prize

VGIK International film festival - Best Director, Best Actor prizes

St.Anna debut films festival, Moscow, Russia - Grand Prix, Diploma to the D.O.P.

"Nachalo" debut and student film festival, St.Petersburgh, Russia - Best Script

"Zolotoy Vitjaz" film festival in Irkutsk, Russia - Best Short Film

and other prizes

Julia KolesnikRussia-2013-27'00"

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