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Li, Zong Jhan ‘Riddles from Inferno’


An actress plays both the reincarnated Narcissus and also Narcissus’s Shadow in this mythological film which contains mixed culture figures. The Shadow has lost his master and wanders between the living and the dead. Sooner after, the Shadow recognizes the Actress is the missing Narcissus. He strives to win back Narcissus’s love after reunion. Since that, it has been difficult for the Actress to stop the reality being penetrated by the mythological world. One day, the Shadow comes to Narcissus, an unexpected scene comes into his sight. There are two figures having intercourse, female Narcissus and the Mirror Image. At that moment, the story repeats itself. The Shadow does not realize the Mirror Image is the future reincarnation of himself. The male Mirror Image is a reflection of both Narcissus and the Shadow which are two void figures. The Shadow left to his journey while Narcissus decides to end the repeated tragedy by suicide.


LI, ZONG JHAN was born in 1993 and is currently an art school student majoring in Fine Art. Zong Jhan believe that the loop is the most fascinating narrative structure. In loop-based stories, repetitive elements are employed to achieve reflection, an immersive situation echoes with memories and imaginations. His stories present the single protagonists repeatedly appear in non-linear causal order. Self-projection takes part as the plot of story. The characters meet their projected selves, struggling in physical and psychological closure. The inherent movement of self-reflection blurs the separateness between subject and object. But the fusion is not Zong Jhan’s aim. The characters end up gambling with their life by destroying their projected doubles for freedom. Ultimately, the stories come to an end of nothingness where sujectivisation is achieved and the linearity of moving image is deconstructed. Box Office: NONE

Li, Zong Jhan 'Riddles from Inferno'Taïwan Film year: 2016 Duration: 16”00

Image/Sound: digital