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Let’s go for a walk


Directed by Julia Kolesnik


Year of production: 2003


Leshka and Katerina lived in a small provincial town. Their houses were standing at the same street, and they were friends since childhood. Their relations were always full of warm comradeship but they never talked of love. Then they grew up. Leshka went to the army, and Katerina was about to get married. But on her wedding’s eve Leshka suddenly appeared under her windows…

Duration: 24 min.

Prizes at festivals:

  • Nomination for a Student Oscar (American Film Academy Award) as the best short student film, 2003
  • Karlovy Vary film festival 2003 - Grand Prix for the Best short film
  • International Short Film Festival in Beijing, China - Grand Prix
  • International Film Festival in Lodz, Poland - 1st Prize
  • VGIK International film festival - Best Director, Best Actor prizes
  • St.Anna debut films festival, Moscow, Russia - Grand Prix, Diploma to the D.O.P.
  • "Nachalo" debut and student film festival, St.Petersburgh, Russia - Best Script
  • "Zolotoy Vitjaz" film festival in Irkutsk, Russia - Best Short Film
  • and other prizes.


Biography: Childhood dreams of becoming a biologist, astronomer, painter, psychologist and owner of a zoo led to studying at the geographical department of Moscow State University. 5 years spent there brought into my life wonderful friends, invaluable life experience and led to the desire to create worlds on film. Next step was VGIK (The All-Russian Gerasimov Film School), where I joined the workshop of renown Soviet director Marlen Khuziev. Graduation film “Let’s Go for a Walk” won many prizes at the international film festivals. Full-feature debut “Lower Caledonia” followed. Current filmography also includes short features, TV series and documentary films.

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