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les Argonauts

Author Frank Lovisolo-Guillard – France

Tittle les Argonauts

Film year 2012 Duration 14’36’’

Image/Son Video Pal 16/9 Stereo


 Bio: Born in Toulon, France, Frank Lovisolo-Guillard, songwriter and member of SACEM sound engineer, lives and works in Toulon. This is a director of sound environments. First prize for classical guitar, then a cadet in the Merchant Navy, Frank LovisoloGuillard is currentlya lecturer at the Faculty Ingémédia University of South Toulon and teaches MAO License on New Technologies.

Synopsis: It’s a plural and erupted trip, without unity, without reference. Leave a place to go in another same place. It is a motionless trip, disorientation, a process of transformation. We understand it, in different ways, the art work, perhaps, will happen ……

Frank Lovisolo-Guillard France-2012-14'36"

H264-MPEG 4 AVC-720x576-Stereo