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La voix d’Arte

La voix d'Arte (The voice of Arte)

France, 2013 | 2 min 40 sec | Experimental, Hybrids, Narrative fiction, Art - Directed by Nicolas Corman

Resolution: 16:9 -1.77

Format: video

Producer: Frédéric Dubreuil

Screenwriter/Editor: Nicolas Corman


Charlotte Corman
Catherine Froment
Stan Tyebo

Voix d'Arte :
Sylvie Caspar

En super 8:
Claudine Page
Charles Pages

Synopsis: Georges is obsessed about Arte channel voice. He tries to imagine what does she look like.  Unfortunatly, his dreams are not as he was expecting. Sometimes dreams doesn't provide the fantasy expected.

Nicolas CormanFrance-2013-2'40"

Worldwide RightsAplle ProRes-1920x1088-Stereo