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keshav raina ‘Feel Of Agony’

The film has recreated the humiliation that people from North East India face in Delhi. A girl from North East walking with her male friend is accosted by three ruffians who begin eve teasing her. She reacts with punching the youngster who passes lewd marks against her. Her male friend cautions her against getting into a brawl with such ruffians but she stands steadfast and tells him that it was essential to react to such lewd remarks.
But after a little time, all the ruffians pounce upon her male friend and in the process start getting physical with the girl also. Her male friend is bashed up while the girl is also sought to be taught a lesson.
Meanwhile, a man comes along and warns the boys that he would call the police. Some boys get scared while one boy identifies himself as the son of a rich and influential Mumbai based builder and refuses to listen to him and challenges him to call the police.
The man gives a lecture to the boys about India was united into a single entity despite having geological, racial and language diversities. He cites the example of Mahatama Gandhi and Sardar Patel who united India into one entity which even Europe could not do and Europe today stands divided into small small countries. He advises them to fight against racial discrimination.
All the boys agree to his pleadings and seek apology from the girl and his male companion only to get together and proclaim: “Let us together fight racial discrimination”.


After completing his filmmaking programme from Institute of Moving Images, Pune, made a considerable number of short films. His forte mostly remains making films on social issues.Some of his most acclaimed short films includes one on eve-teasing highlighting the terrible menace that has alarmingly shot up crime graph in places like Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow and many other cities not only in North India but almost all over the country. He has also made short films showcasing the importance of self-defence, besides making short thriller movies and drama like Badalte Rishtey.
He got the inspiration from his father, a journalist, who worked with several Indian TV channels and appeared on several foreign channels including Russian TV, Magyar (Budapest) TV and also BBC, all in their respective countries. He made a series of documentaries, mostly political in which Keshav Raina made sterling contributions. His mother is also a reputed journalist and an author.
He has travelled almost through the entire length and breadth of India watching minutely the social issues and peoples’ struggles for a better tomorrow. He has visited most of the coal mines in the country recording on camera the travails of miners.
Highlighting the ills of our society in the day to day life, exploitation of the poor and oppressed has remained his major concern, working on which has been his passion.
Currently he is working on a film on tribals who constitute 100 crore of the country’s population and live a miserable life, some in deep jungles surviving on wild grass and other kinds of vegetation, thus remaining badly malnourished. For instance in Nagaland, people treat stomach aches by swallowing live black ants. Tribals in Madhya Pradesh catch live rodents in jungles and fry them on jungle wood to make a meal for themselves.
He firmly believes in truth and hard realities of society that we live in, instead of fiction. This probably explains why he has consistently been working on social issues and has avoided till date to be drawn into fiction based movies that are mostly figments of imagination and having nothing to do with the hard realities of the society.

keshav raina 'Feel Of Agony'India 2014 - 8'12"

HD 16/9 - Color - MPEG 1/2 Video - 1920x1080