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Katsura Yamauchi ‘HaRuLi’


Fairy of water shows us universe and human mind through water.

She says ; “Everything has been separated, , , past and future, the moon and the sun, man and woman, , , but now they are going to be a harmony. Everything is changing. Even big changes, they are chances for mankind to reach a festival. Enjoy neat and clean of snow, energy hidden into the ice,   comfort of the maze of forest. You can enjoy sorrow, loneliness and ambivalence.”

Voices call each other from a distance become a chorus before long, the sounds of the instruments as well put together. Everything gathers, and becomes a festival, in transition from new moon, crescent, half moon, full moon to.

Finally, she asks us, “Are you ready?”





Katsura Yamauchi (b.1954)

Katsura Yamauchi made first movie “HoFuNeM” in September 2012.

Next one, “HaRuLi” was produced in July 2014.

They were made of only image of water.

He is a musician and a saxophonist, called Salmosax, and he has been developing Salmo World. His movies are part of it.

He is serching the universe, including the material and the spirit and space and time.

Katsura Yamauchi 'HaRuLi'Oita, Japan , 2014 | 25 min

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