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Kathy Rose USA Compilation 24 films & excerpts 125’30”

Kathy Rose: Performances and Rituals


Kathy Rose is considered one of the world’s leading animation and video artists. One of her movies, "Pencil Booklings", was selected as one of the ten best animated films of all time at the international festival of animated films in Hiroshima - one of the world's leading animation festivals.  Rose moved ahead with pioneering performance works that combine dance and animation films on her while she was dancing. Kathy Rose’s work has evolved from her early drawn animated films of the 1970s, through her unique, pioneering performance work combining dance with film in the 1980-90s, to her current surreal performance video spectacles and installations, and videos, with influence from symbolist art and the Japanese Noh theater.  We are screening an array of work, focusing primarily on her performance-based videos of recent years, most of which will be making their Los Angeles premieres!

"Long hailed for exploring mysterious inner worlds through pioneering integrations of live performance and projected film, video and animation, Kathy Rose presents choreographic fantasies in which she appears live as a solitary figure, traversing lush and layered invented landscapes. Rose's surreal environments-adorned with forests of human arms, glistening waters, and floating moon faces- shape poetic alternate universes inspired by Noh theater. Rose has received numerous awards for her multimedia performances, and her early hand-drawn films, rightly considered classics of personal animation, are held by major museum collections worldwide"
- REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles

“Like a sculptured white blossom she stands there, as suddenly the most colorful fabrics pour over, patterning her bolding and dressing her wonderfully in the manner of a diva...Whether Rose appears as a projection surface for her animated colors - with their plays of patterns on stage; whether she dances with the figures in her film, dissolving the boundaries between the virtual body and the real body; or whether the undulating film images of silk flow over her gold enwrapped form blending everything into a sea of waves and colors,  Kathy Rose is a master of esthetic effects." -- Neue Zurcher Zeitung - Zurich

“Kathy Rose is the most important choreographer/film animator working today integrating projected images and live stage action“ -- Donald McDonaugh, author, Martha Graham, Managing editor – Ballet Review

My work since 1983 has involved the integration of myself and other dancers with projected film, and video imagery. I have been intrigued with creating performances that are hypnotic, and challenging to our perception. – Kathy Rose

Kathy Rose has received a Guggenheim in Performance Art in 2003, and well as numerous grants in Film, Video, Choregraphy, from the NEA, New York State Council for the Arts, etc.  She is a Distinguished Alumni of the California Institute of the Arts.  Kathy Rose has toured extensively in live performance throughout the United States and Europe, giving performances at the Museum of Modern Art, Kennedy Center, Serious Fun at Lincoln Center, Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain, the Walker Art Center, The Kitchen, Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Baltimore Art Museum, Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, etc. as well as performances in Geneva, Berlin, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Hiroshima, etc.  Rose recently premiered a new piece “Opera of the Interior” at ANIMATOR 2015 in Poland.

Her video installation works have been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Aldrich Museum, etc. Rose’s recent videos have shown in Dance on Camera at Lincoln Center,  American Dance Festival, Montage Video Dance/ Johannesburg,  Black Maria Film festival,  Ann Arbor Film Festival,  INVIDEO 2008 Milan, São Carlos Videodance Festival, International Video Dance Festival - Le Breuil,  Internacional VideoDanzaBA, Buenas Aires,  DANSCAMDANSE Festival, Belgium, etc.    Her video “Rapture of the Petals” was selected for the ‪East West Art Awards World Tour for winners' videos starting from Tokyo - Berlin - London BFI - New York - Shanghai - Paris. Her video “Cubistimenco” screened in the Hiroshima Animation Festival in the program Best in the World. “The Unpainted Woman” showed in Rome, Italy in It's Liquid Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival at the BAU International Academy, from July 16 to August 21, 2016.  Recent one-woman shows also include the Pompidou Center for  “A Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival”, and at the EPOS Film Art Festival at the Tel Aviv Museum.


Compilation of Films:

The Realm of Nothingness (2014, 4 min.) This non-narrative video is a dance of puppet-like figures, and mesmerizing forms, accompanied by percussive rhythms. It is a magical spectacle portraying a mesmerizing world in which figures flow and drip in a universe of their own as they proceed to a greater void. The artist, enraptured by what she sees, sheds her iconographic puppetry selves, and returns to a reality. The Realm of nothingness continues my fascination with Noh and Japanese theater with their attachment to the supernatural; enchantment and all things strange. Some of the scenes are creating using a miniature stage.

Ritual of the Fall (2015, 4 min.) Los Angeles premiere! A ritual in which birds are portrayed as magical beings. The audio and movement depict a hybrid of Kabuki and the aviary world. Ritual of the Fall continues my fascination with Japanese theater with its attachment to the supernatural; enchantment and all things strange.

City of Lost Moons(2008, 4 min.) A poetic vision of the self and the moon, carpeted with voices; a ritual of the mind. Made in 2008, but ever relevant for its rhythms and butoesque qualities.

Latticed Dreams 2012 1:21 Excerpt from a "Living Tapestry" - Video installation using projections on fabric. Integrating projected video onto veils and fabrics the imagery features both abstraction and figures flowing and dripping in a universe of their own.

The Unpainted Woman (2016, 4 min.) Los Angeles premiere! Part Fantastic Voyage, part celebration of my younger self, this is a finely crafted jewel in which I am looking for those who are not immune to splendor. Reality is both harsh and wondrous. I am trying to circumvent it all.

Rapture of the Petals (2014, 4 min.) Los Angeles premiere! Rapture of the Petals continues my fascination with Noh and Japanese theater with their attachment to the supernatural; enchantment and all things strange.

Rite of Spring/at Eyebeam Gallery 2013 1:26 The video was created for the Festival International de Videodanse de Bourgogne Sacre/ilège(s)-The Rite of Spring collage project saluting Stravinsky's piece.

No More Worry, No More Blue 2013 .3:38 Music video for this song by Singer/songwriter Greg Boyer

Living Tapestries 1 2012 2:36…..Kathy Rose offers projection design for architectural and theatrical use, in which video is projected onto fabrics, architectural spaces, structures and surfaces..
Rose’s ground-breaking work with projections in performance and installation, in addition to her imaginative video pieces makes her designs ideal for architectural, theatrical uses

Projection Design/Living Tapestries1 2011 2:00

Cubistimenco (2014, 5 min.) Los Angeles premiere! A dance in which the stylized personae impart a world of rhythm and pattern.
This music by Walter Giger was originally used by the artist for a live dance of the same name, in which she integrated flamenco with a Japanese sensibility.

VIDEO INSTALLATION - City of Lost moons HD 2011 0:46

Cathedral of emptiness excerpt 2012 2:29
"The Cathedral of emptiness" is a non-narrative poetic choreographic performance fantasy in which I explore this figure moving in a complex surreal environment including a forest of arms, glinting waters, and moon faces floating in the sky. .
My interest is in creating an alternate universe with other-worldly qualities.
Influences include the Japanese Noh theater. This is an excerpt from the performance.This is the last scene from the live performance, taped at
The Living Arts of Tulsa, in the New Genre XIX Festival.
The full piece is 20 minutes

Enchants 2013 2:50. Video installation created for the Montreal Pop Festival's installation exhibition "Voices from Beyond". This show features 10 Canadian artists, with Kathy Rose as a mentor for the project

Interiosity excerpt 2011 3:32 Interiosity“ is a 20 minute live performance integrating video and exploring inner worlds and the unconscious.
In this non-narrative work, liquid and architectural imagery integrates with moving figures to portray the language of the interior.
This piece continues my fascination with Noh and Japanese theater with their attachment to the supernatural; enchantment and all things strange.
Funded with a Faculty Enrichment grant from The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

Living Tapestries 2 2012 1:24  IKathy Rose offers projection design for architectural and theatrical use, in which video is projected onto fabrics, architectural spaces, structures and surfaces

“Cubano Bas” 2015 Duration: 2 min.34 sec Experimental, Music video Alluring figures float and intertwine in a magical interpretation of music by Greg Boyer

Primitive Movers 1983 4:11 First performance with animation by Kathy Rose, in 1983. This piece has been performed extensively throughout the world including
Cineprobe at MOMA NY, Walker Art Center, Harvard University and Dance Umbrella, Museum of Fine Arts/Pittsburgh, etc.These are excerpts from the 4 scenes in the 30 minute piece. Animation, performance by Kathy Rose. Costume by Mary Bright

Rite of Spring 2013 1:54 Kathy Rose's video created for the collage by artists around the world saluting Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring", for the Festival International de Videodanse de Bourgogne

Living Tapestries 2 2012 1:24 Kathy Rose offers projection design for architectural and theatrical use, in which video is projected onto fabrics, architectural spaces, structures and surfaces

Cinecity 2014 Living Tapestry1 HD 2014 1 minute the fabric is the architecture

Spirit of the Insects 2016 5:06 A tale of the Universe. Life as a fantastical enterprise for all Beings and Things

Opium Den /Fade to Blue 2013 6:25 Music video for Blues Control, by Kathy Rose

Threads of the Half-world 2015 5:47 This is a video depicting the voyage of three women through a surreal environment portraying the mind and the unconcscious. It continues my use and fascination with collage puppetry in video, as used in my recent works, including "Rapture of the Petals", and "Cubistimenco"








Kathy Rose Compilation of FilmsUSA


24 films & excerpts

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