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Kathy Rose ‘Rapture of the Petals’

……A hidden world…a rustle of activity…the life of the Insect.
In the night things are born, hatch and grow into magnificent
beings, soaring over the moon.
At the end of their sojourn a Queen lady/insect emerges. Her figure
was inspired by the long legged supernatural ghost figure in
Japanese lore - "Taka Onna".

…Recent videos:
The Unpainted Woman, Silence of the Snow, Cubano Bas,
Cubistimenco,Rapture of the Petals, Ritual of the Fall, No More Worry,No More
Blue, The Realm of nothingness, etc. Live Performance Recent: Opera of the
Interior, The Cathedral of emptiness, etc…………………………………….
Kathy Rose’s work has evolved from her early drawn animated films of the 1970’s,
through her unique, pioneering performance work combining dance with film in the
1980-90’s, to her current surreal performance video spectacles and installations, with
influence from symbolist art and the Japanese Noh theater. Rose has received a
Guggenheim in Performance Art in 2003, and well as numerous grants in Film, Video,
Choregraphy, from the NEA, New York State Council for the Arts, etc. She is a
Distinguished Alumni of the California Institute of the Arts. Kathy Rose has toured
extensively in live performance throughout the United States and Europe, giving
performances at the Museum of Modern Art, Kennedy Center, Serious Fun at Lincoln
Center, Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain, the Walker Art Center, The
Kitchen, Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Baltimore Art Museum, Gulbenkian
Foundation in Lisbon, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, etc. as well as
performances in Geneva, Berlin, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Hiroshima, etc. Rose recently
premiered a new piece “Opera of the Interior” at ANIMATOR 2015 in Poland.
Her video installation works have been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum,
Aldrich Museum, etc.
Rose’s recent videos have shown in Dance on Camera at Lincoln Center, AMERICAN
festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, INVIDEO 2008 Milan, São Carlos Videodance
Festival, International Video Dance Festival - Le Breuil, Internacional VideoDanzaBA,
Buenas Aires, DANSCAMDANSE Festival, Belgium, etc. Her video “Rapture of the
Petals” was selected for the East West Art Awards World Tour for winners' videos
starting from Tokyo - Berlin - London BFI - New York - Shanghai - Paris. Her video
“Cubistimenco” is showing in the Hiroshima Animation Festival in the program Best
in the World.
Recent one-woman shows include the Pompidou Center for “A Shaded View of
Fashion Film Festival”, and at the EPOS Film Art Festival at the Tel Aviv Museum, etc.