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Kako sam

Kako sam ostao bez krila (How I Lost My Wings) 

Serbia, 2012 | 22 min 0 sec | Experimental, Narrative fiction, Alternative - Directed by Ivna Tasic

Medium/technique: video

Resolution: 1920x1080, 16:9

Format: mp4 H624

Producer: Zoran Eric, Ivan Tasic

Editor / Publisher: : Bob Izvanredni, Ivan Tasic

Music composer: Danijel Milosevic, Veljko Stojiljkovic, Vladimir Panin

Sound: Danijel Milosevic

Cast: Milutin Todorovic, Stevan Zdravic, Tomislav Trifunovic, Katarina Gajic, Sladjana Nestorovic, Ana Matejic, Stefan Zivanovic, Simon Bovan

Synopsis: If we are sown from the same thought, and if our branches have grown towards the same sky, why then were our different words cut off at the roots?!

Through the series of introspective views on personal conflicts of ideological and iconographic normative with general spiritual and moral thoughts, man, although physically passive, by using his dreams and memories he reconstructs semicentennial period of the country that doesn't exist anymore.

 Biography: Born in 1981. in Kruševac, Serbia. He finished Bachelor and Master studies at the Faculty of Arts in Niš, Serbia. In 1999 year he started dealing with photography, short and experimental films.

Ivna TasicSerbia-2012-22'00"

Worldwide RightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-1920x1080-Stereo