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John Ervin ‘Citizen ‘Caine ‘


A cocaine-addicted insurance salesman, searching for his missing teenaged daughter in LA, confronts the cast and crew of studio that specializes in hardcore porn films that also serve as home-maintenance instructional videos.


Scott Carson, Brian Hesser, Rachel Grubb, Anissa Brazill, Laura Rudolph, Kari Kamrin, David Perlamn, Daniel Watson, Jennifer Prettyman, Katherine Moeller and Kate Cloutier as Ratan.


The Tiki War (2014), Citizen 'Caine (2013), We Have Been Worthless (2010), I Was a Vagina Before I Was a Black Man (2009), Proinhibition (2004), Vixen Highway (2001), Made in Berlin (1998)


John Ervin is the award-winning director of five narrative films, two documentaries and three live theater shows. His movies have been featured in festivals in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Canada, the island of Malta and many cities in the US. He holds a BA in Film from San Francisco State University. More information on his productions can be found at www.ervinflix.com and www.thetikiwar.com.

John Ervin 'Citizen 'Caine 'USA, 2014 28 minutes

Resolution: 4K - Format: HD (Red Scarlet) - Sound: DAT

Credits: Chris Bueckers (Producer), Ryan Kron Thompson (Cinematographer), Cheri Anderson (Production Design), Angela Barrett (Sound), Kevin Milloy (Editor)