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Jean-Baptiste Becq ‘Une Voiture Rouge’


Au bord d'une route déserte, un pompiste esseulé s'ennuie dans sa station vieillissante. C'est alors qu'arrive une mustang rouge cabriolet avec quatre personnes à son bord...


Cast: Bertrand Duvallet



2012 : "Bleu Piscine" - "Swimming Blue" - short movie

2013 : "Une Voiture Rouge" - "A Red Car" - short movie

2016 : "Traversée" - "Beyond" - short movie



After film studies and the direction of a first documentary full-length film, Jean-Baptiste Becq directs "Bleu Piscine" ("Swimming Blue") in 2012, first short movie selected in several festivals in France and abroad (PERLEN of Hanover, Queer Lisboa Festival in Lisbon) then "Une Voiture Rouge" ("A Red Car") in 2013 which gains Grand Prix of the festival Armoricourt (France) and a Golden bear at the Festival of Nations (Austria).

Currently working on a short movie project with a producer, he directed with "Traversée" ("Beyond") his third unfunded short movie and works again with a part of the faithful team which accompanied him up since the beginning and sets an artistic alliance with both dancers of the french company "à corps d'émoi" who co-write the movie and are the main interpreters.