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Jan Eilhardt “The last night of baby gun”

Synopsis: Baby Gun has trained her body for the system. A whore is a whore is a whore… She works in a world where everything, anything is for sale. Yet she has survived the hard knocks of the street, because her singing is like a weapon against this threatening world. Her delicate voice can even bring back Lennie, a simpleton, and her only friend. He can crush almost everything with his childish love, but Baby Gun still has him under her control. As odd as this seemingly unsuitable couple appears, they nevertheless unite in battle against the corrupt world of men.

Festival track record

.AMFM fest, Palm Springs (United States)
Adelaide Film Festival AFF (Australia)
No|Gloss Film Festival, Leeds (United Kingdom)
The Malta International TV Short Film, St Julians (Malta)
WatchOut! Film Festival, Tetova (Republic of Macedonia)
TISFF Thess International Short Film Festival, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Norrköpings Filmfestival Flimmer (Sweden)
FILMZ Festival des deutschen Kinos Mainz (Germany)
STEPS International Film Festival Kharkiv (Ukraine)
FICT Festival Internacional Cinematográfico de Toluca (Mexico)
Shawna's Indie Short Film Fest (USA)

The Last Night of Baby Gun Germany, 2013 | 15 min 0 sec | Narrative fiction, Art, Crime, Dark comedy - Directed by Jan Eilhardt

Selling conditions : 1/10 DVD with signature – 1000€

Resolution: 16:9 Producer/: Screenwriter: Jan Eilhardt Editor: Verena Neumann Director of photography: Marian Engel, Benjamin Bayer, Lukas Maijka Production designer: Friedericke Meisel Music composer: Angela Cory, Gabriel Walsh, Manuel De Sound: Cedric Hommel Cast: Eva Mattes Franziska Junge Waldemar Kobus Alexander Scheer Thomas Huber Michael Benthin