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Jad Sleiman ‘Smog’


In the near future,

Factories filled the planet and intoxicated the Air, Humans started living in the deserted waste where Smog covers the skies and hides the Sun.

Lithops, a 12 year old girl, lives an empty dull life in this deserted world with her older sister Miasma. Imprisoned behind her gas mask and thick cloths, Lithops grows the need to break out of this prison to feel the sunlight and breathe clean air.

So we follow her in her quest for freedom, and finding her true human identity in an industrial world deprived from all natural elements.

Cast:Celine lahoud as lythops

Sarah bitar as Miasma



Jad Sleiman grew up in Byblos – Lebanon with a passion for films and cameras.

Shortly after school, he dropped his science/technology major to start his Cinema and TV studies at the Lebanese University Institute of Fine Arts, Forn l Chebek branch - IBA2.

3 years later he graduated with a BA degree as a top student after writing and directing his senior short film SMOG that won Best Director award and Best Cinematography along with 2 appreciation tokens and toured more than 20 film festivals around the world. Today he is still growing his love for being behind the camera with interests in the fields of directing, cinematography and photography.



Jad Sleiman 'Smog'Lebanon, 2014 | 16 min | Category (Short,narrative)

Resolution:1920x1080 Format:H264 Sound:mono

Credits Writer Jad Sleiman Director Jad Sleiman Assistant Director Rita Khoury Director of photography Tony Hatem Camera operators Tony HatemJad Sleiman Assistant camera operators VIcken Avakian Cadreur Jad Sleiman Art directors Rawane SleimanSami Moussa Costume designers Rawane SleimanSami Moussa Makeup artist Rosine Adwan Producers Toni MattarRawane Sleiman Script girl Layal Akiki Set photographer Elie Salameh Editor Jad Sleiman Special effects Tony Hatem Color grading Tony Hatem Music Jad SleimanRaffi Nordiguian Sound designer Jad Sleiman Foley artist Jad Sleiman Foley recorder Joseph Obeid Special Thanx Bachar BoubessCharbel SleimanKhalil AkikiMichel NounehRoy Fakhry Sally MaaloufTony SfeirDbaye Municipality French embassy in LebanonLebanese university faculty of sciences 2Modern mills of LebanonMinistry of agricultureStudio Joseph Obeid