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Iona Pelovska ‘Vanitas’


Dancing lobster, flying knife... The mysteries of love, creativity, war and death played out by the items of a dinner table-come-to-life!
A film that revisits the dawn of modern society by animating an old Vanitas painting that takes a second look at the beauty and dangers of human community.




Bodies in Trouble (2016, Moebius Films, Experimental), Writer/Director/Editor


Toopy and Binoo (2013, Echo Media Montreal, TV series), Visual Media Solutions Specialist


Beauty, Beware! (2013, CFP, Animated Short), Writer/Director/Animator/Editor


The Eyes that Stop the Train (2013, Moebius Films, Experimental Short), Writer/Director/Editor


Lead-Stick, Beware! (2012, CFP, Animated Short), Writer/Director/Animator/Editor


Peruse, (2012, Cactus Animation, Montreal, TV series), Background Artist


The Eyes that Stop the Train, (2010, CALQ, Moving Image Installation - Lenticular Photography and Video) Artist


Vanitas (2008, BravoFact!/MoebiusFilms, Animation Short), Writer/Director/Animator/Editor


Cruentation (2008, Experimental Short), Writer/Director/Editor


Dances with Mirrors (2007, Videographe/MoebiusFilms, Experimental), Producer/Director


Chipkalis (2005, Animation Macaques Inc., Pilot   for Animated TV   Series), Art Director


Station X (2004-2005, Cite-Amerique, Animated TV Series), Background Artist


The Boy (2003-2005, Toonkan Animation, Animated   TV Series), Development & Key Background Artist


Gold (2003, Experimental), Director/Art Director/Editor


The Revenge of the Butterflies (2002, Experimental), Director/Art Director/Editor


Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2 (1998-1999, Cine Groupe/FOX, Feature Animation), Development & Key Background Artist



Iona Pelovska is an Artist/Filmmaker and Doctor of Philosophy focused on the aesthetic convergence of technology and corporeality. Her films have been shown at festivals and art venues in Europe and North America, having received the support and recognition of major art and film institutions. Iona Pelovska has presented her film work and theory at academic conferences, lectures and public talks around the world.