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Ioana Georgeta Turcan Compilation 7 films & Excerpts 85’54

Ioana Georgeta Turcan

Born in a small town in Romania, studied Humanities then Film and Interdisciplinary matters.

My work is connected to visual activism and anti-static social practice ~movement should define our present and generate an outcome from systemic beliefs either if expressed trough film or video, installation or performance, simple writings or burst-protests.

I always had a desire to challenge and express androgynous social activities undefined by gender or age. #revolutionstartsathome



TITLE: por ahora soy invierno Film year : 2014 Duration : 03:27 Image/Sound: Ioana Georgeta Turcan

Synopsis: winter's self creation

Box Office: @Newark Film Festival, New Jersey 2016 @TIF Video Challenge, 2016

TITLE: little father Film year : 2015 Duration : 08:43 Image/Sound: Ioana Georgeta Turcan/Munjal Yagnik, Donato Rossi

Synopsis: An illegal immigrant has to decide if he goes home to deal with a family crisis without being able to come back or remain in US investing in the new life he's trying to build.

Box Office: @ Avant Edge Film Festival, Chicago, 2016 @ Balkans Beyond Borders, Bulgaria, 2016 @European Film Festival (mainstream&underground), Moscow, Russia, 2016 -  Best Actor Award

TITLE: tempo Film year : 2014 Duration : 12:53 Image/Sound: Ioana Georgeta Turcan/Vlad Cantoreanu

Synopsis: some dramas look funny from outside.

Box Office: Best Indie Drama @ Festigious Film Festival 2016

TITLE: craftedFilm year : 2014 Duration : 03:06 Image/Sound: Ioana Georgeta Turcan

Synopsis: video and sound experiment that exploits relations with those that passed away but are still present in a way or another

Box Office: @TIFF Video Challenge, 2016 @10th Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground, Buenos Aires, 2015 @AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival, 2015

TITLE: collins 70’s  Film year : 2016 Duration : 10:20 Image/Sound: Ioana Georgeta Turcan

Synopsis: glimpses of missing/remembering someone on a daily basis; in a familial/familiar environment.

TITLE: III Film year : 2016 Duration : 04:21 Image/Sound: Ioana Georgeta Turcan, Kieu Anh Truong, Yueying Feng

Synopsis: Sex is biological. Gender is social. A woman is both her sex and her gender. Images are social. Images of women are projected. Everywhere… They surrounds… embrace… imprison…Does a woman confine to the projected images, orDoes she break free?… embody the images or appropriate them? Who is she without the projection?

Box Office: @TIF Video Challenge, 2016 @When the world sleeps, Spark Contemporary Art Space, 2016

TITLE: the other life of charon Film year : 2015 Duration : 40:00 Image/Sound: Ioana Georgeta Turcan/Vlad Cantoreanu

Synopsis: At the Central Cemetery in a small Romanian town, there are four gravediggers on duty.They are part of a Roma community that lives just outside the cemetery fence.They're digging graves and attending funerals, no matter what and sometimes they make contact with relatives of these who passed away.

Box Office: @Avant Edge Film Festival, Chicago, 2016 @Toamna la Voronet, Voronet, 2016 @Docu Art, Bucharest 2016 @Newark Film Festival, New Jersey, 2016 @Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Armenia (International Documentary Competition), 2016 @China Women Film Festival, 2016 @14th Vision Youth Awards, 2016 @Gopo Awards (Romanian Academy Awards) - nominated for Best Short, Documentary section 2015 @East Silver Market, Jihlava International Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2015 @Euro-­-Mediterranean Documentary market, Nomads, Barcelona, 2015 @Doc Outlook-International Market, Visions du reel, Nyon, Switzerland, 2015 thesis project, MA in Documentary Filmmaking, 2015 @ Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre and TV, Romania and with the support from College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse New York project presented @FEST Pitch/Training Ground, Portugal Jihlava Inspiration Forum, Jihlava Film Festival, Czech Republic VerzioDoc Lab, Budapest, Hungary One World Romania, Bucharest, Romania

Ioana Georgeta TurcanCompilation of 7 films & Excerpts

Romania / USA 85'54

'College of Visual and Performing Arts' NYC USA