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The human race has long searched for meaningful interpersonal connections. Tools and technologies have made it easier to reach out and share ideas, but each presents a new, unforeseen challenge. We must always ask: "Is this what we want? What do we want?"


Director Ying-Fang Shen
Producer Katy Borner
Editor Ying-Fang Shen
Production designer Ying-Fang Shen
Music composer Norbert Herber
Sound Norbert Herber


Festival track record

BALINALE International Film Festival 2013 (Oct 4-10, 2013), Sanur Bali, Indonesia
2013 STUDIO 300 Digital Art and Music Festival (Oct 4-5, 2013), Transylvania University, Lexington, KY, USA
Whitelight's International Short Film Festival, (Sept 20-21, 2013), Co Antrim, Northern Ireland
Bootleg Film Festival NYC 2013 (Sept 19-22, 2013), New York, NY, USA
Guam International Film Festival (Sept 24-29, 2013), Guam, USA
Taipei Film Festival (Jun 18 - Jul 20, 2013), Taipei, Taiwan

Ying-Fang Shen United States, 2013 | 12 min 0 sec | Animation, Art, History,

worldwide Rights

Medium technique: computer , 2D Resolution: 1920x1080 ( originally 720x480 4:3 ) Format: Quick time mov Stereo/color P