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Hilary Rothman and Solomon Rothman ‘In Real Life’

Greg is addicted to Conquest, an online fantasy game where he plays an axe wielding
barbarian. In game his character is married to a feisty Geisha. After battling online he invites her
to a snowy cabin retreat. The problem is, she's not the typical gamer.

Directory Bio (Solomon Rothman)
Solomon Rothman is an experimental filmmaker who founded MoviePals Entertainment as a
social platform to help people collaborate on microbudget
films. He loves the moviemaking
process, from the initial idea, to the set and beyond. He contributes to virtually all aspects of the
movies he works on. In the past he has created movies using teams that included people from
all over the world. In total these movies have been seen millions of times and have results in
him being sent thousands of inspiring emails
and earning some recognition from the media. His
current project, “In Real Life” is his first feature created in partnership with his wife Hilary Law.
He thinks about the movies he’s going to make every single day.

Hilary Law (now Hilary Rothman)

Director Statement
From an impromptu conversation that lasted late into the night, we discovered a mutual
fascination with the perception of “self” and how it evolves and changes with technology. We
wanted to tell a nonconventional story in a way that would use the digital filmmaking tools
easily available (color, 2d effects) to enhance the story. Once the theme and core philosophical
questions regarding our cultural attitudes towards gender and relationships were established,
we movedon to creative limitations. What movie could we make using a micro budget and a
single day of shooting per location?
“In Real Life” started with this simple concept and then followed a natural process enabling a
story to “flow out” rather than be pushed and prodded from a conventional outlining. This was
inspired by extreme time constraints which have empowered “accidental” masterpieces of the
past. We used all actors and crew that we had met casually through social networking events
(MoviePals Social Filmmaking), held no casting and shot all scenes in a single day per location.
Hilary Law had previously been a MMORPG gamer who spent time talking and getting to know
the culture of the individuals who are addicted to these games, both as an intrinsically
intellectual muse and as an engaged participant. Through cinema she was able to bring these
comedic and sometimes tragic quirks to life and preserve the correct feeling and attitudes of this
niche community.
From a visual artistic standpoint, we both enjoy nonchronicle storylines where elements of the
timeline are portrayed visually different, giving significant style and feeling changes for the
various stages of a story. For “In Real Life”, Black and White was chosen for “real life”, which
contrasted sharply with the vivid color and special effects used in the personification of “in
game” scenes.
We are forever inspired by the amazing creativity and resourcefulness, microbudget
filmmakers have used to create nonconventional stories that succeed at intriguing and entertaining even
when created in extreme limitation. “In Real Life” was our contribution to this form of cinema.
First we e hope it’s cross genre and nonconventional storytelling techniques entertain
audiences and afterwards the details of the filmmaking process involving an extremely limited
budget and creative ways of accomplishing each story plot point will engage conversation and
intrigue among other micro filmmakers.

Hilary Law (Director) & Solomon Rothman (Director)

Hilary Rothman and Solomon Rothman 'In Real Life'USA, 2015 | 1:05 | Drama

Resolution: 1920 X 1080, 16:9 - Format: H264 MPEG 4 / Quicktime Mov

Cast Actors: Name: Solomon Rothman Role: Greg, "Axe Welding Barbarian" Name: Hilary Rothman Role: Jessica, "Kung Fu Geisha" Name: Richard Harrington Role: Mage Name: Brianna McDonald Role: Stephanie