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Harry Arling “Wild”

Synopsis: Wild is the story of an overzealous hunter and his explosive frolic through the peaceful woods. It quickly becomes apparent, though, that he has no idea what he is missing.

Wild  has become a short for a very wide range of viewers – fun for the kids, and with a wink-of-the-eye to adults.

The movie was included in the dutch Ultrakort (Dutch for ultra-short) project — a set of four 2 minute animations to show to the public at large as support acts of that year's blockbuster movies. Wild was chosen as the support act for the incredible Despicable Me 2 and premiered at June the 27th in The Netherlands.

Wild Netherlands, 2012 | 2 min 22 sec | Animation, Children, Action, Post modern, Surreal, Short - Directed by Harry Arling

Selling conditions : on demand

Medium technique: computer animation Resolution: 1920x1020 16:9 Producer: Martin Venema Screenwriter: Happy Ship Editor /Director of photography: Bastiaan Hooimeijer Production designer: Bastiaan Hooimeijer Music composer: Gerry Arling Sound: Soundbase | Renger Koning Animation: Happy Ship - Bastiaan Hooimeijer, Harry Arling, Marlon Regien, Martin Venema