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Hamlet’s Hybris

Hamlet's Hybris - a remix 

Germany, United Kingdom, 2012 | 15 min 0 sec | Experimental, Art, Drama, Music, Urban - Directed by Juha Hansen

Medium, Format, Aspect Ratio:

h 264, MP4, 1920x816, 15 min

Director: Juha Hansen

Producer/Screenwriter Director of photography/ Editor : Juha Hansen


The shortfim Hamlets Hybris is an experiment of adapting and

remixing existing audio material with original music and Film. It is

an attempt creating a film between an experimental music video a

narrative short road movie, some sort of fashion film and a classical

theatre play. The film is divided in five parts referring to the five act


Synopsis: Prince Hamlet is on a journey to England. While making plans for

revenge on his fathers murder he is caught between his hybris and

insanity. The murderer, his uncle who has taken his fathers place on

the throne of Denmark now wants to kill him. Finally, Hamlet knows

he has to to escape death through transformation. Hamlet's Hybris

is an adaptation or a remix of sound and an recited classical Hamlet

Play. The film has five episodes referring to Hamlets five act

structure with newly arranged excerpts from the original

dialogue remixed with sounds and music.


Biography: Juha Hansen, born 1978 in Flensburg, freelancing filmmakerm photographer and musician. Living and working in Hamburg, Germany and Helsinki, Finland. 2005-2013 Studied Film at the Academy of fine Arts Hamburg ( Hfbk)

Juha HansenGermany-2012-15'00"

Worldwide RightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-1920x1080-Stereo