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A video performance by Lidre 23


Germany, 2014| 04 min 45 sec | Experimental, Art, Environmental, Surreal - Directed by Anna Linke


The artist collective Lidre 23 is founded by the director Anna Linke and the actress Friederike Drews in October 2013. The collective is subject to the Manifesto Lidre 23.

The collective Lidre 23 dedicated themselves in their 10 paragraph Manifesto to always using public spaces, welcome absurdity, trigger “physical empathy” in the audience and more. Content of a work of Lidre 23 should always be about basic human needs and the very first time of something related to the work or the artist. The work between the members of the collective is based on gratitude.

Lidre 23 Germany, 2014| 04 min 45 se

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H264 - MPEG - 4 AVC, 1280x720, stereo