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Golnaz Mohaddam ‘Dream’

I always wonder what if we could freeze our memories for the day which we miss that specific day, then thaw them out and live them for one more day as they are happening right now. It is a regular day to day life that is passing with daydreaming, the story of my grandfather's life in which we will live an ordinary day through one of his frozen memories.

Moghaddam, Golnaz. 2016. I wrote rain, then it rained, Iran.
Nahani, Yashin. 2015. The clocks never stop, Iran-Netherlands.
Abolhassani Yekta, Amir. 2014. Co-player, Iran.
Moghaddam, Golnaz. 2014. Dream, Iran.

Golnaz is born in 1987 Tehran-IRAN. She has gotten BA of sculpture and MA of directing of animation. Her thesis animation (Dream) has been in various film festivals in Iran, USA, Canada, Greece, Germany, India and Bangladesh. Moreover, she has participated in numerous group sculpture and photography exhibitions and competitions in Iran, USA, Canada and UK. Also she's passed film workshops in OKF in Austrian embassy. She's received the Golden award for screenplay in 9th Tehran international Animation festival in 2015 and also She's the winner of Persbook (3rd Iranian contemporary Art competition in sculpture) in 2011.

Golnaz Mohaddam 'Dream'IRAN, 2014 | 5 minutes | Animation

Resolution: H.264 Format: MP4

Credits:  Director, scriptwriter, producer: GOLNAZ MOGHADDAM  Production designer and producer: GOLNAZ MOGHADDAM, SARA MOGHADDAM  Animator: GOLNAZ MOGHADDAM, SARA MOGHADDAM  Light and camera: GOLNAZ MOGHADDAM, KATAYOUN HOSSEINIAN  Composer and player: ILYA BESHEVLI  Music arrangement: BEHROUZ PASHAEI  Edit: MOHSEN REZAPOUR