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Georgius Putera ’21’

Tagline: Coming of age isn’t always a party.

Synopsis: A nameless boy in struggles an oppressive domestic environment on the eve of his 21st birthday, gradually becoming undone in a surreal and colourful exploration of sexuality, oppression and desire.



Addo is a Indonesian born filmmaker with a background in advertising. With Ogilvy & Mathers in Jakarta he worked with clients like Coca-Cola, Nestle and other major brands, as well as producing high quality internal end of year videos. He has since branched out, travelling the world studying. While living in Sydney and exploring the queer nightlife Gustaf decided to make 21 as a passion project to finish off his studies.


Cameron is an award winning writer and director who has previously self-produced his works. His has worked on US and Australian features, music videos and television series’, recently seeing them rise to critical acclaim in cinemas. With a passion for the surreal and absurd his surreal short stories and no-budget short films have earned him awards around the world for their punchy subject matter and stylistic finesse.



    The entire key cast of 21 are of differing and diverse backgrounds, non of them white. Putera and Manion were determined to make sure the story gave voice and opportunity to non-Caucasian people as the project was focusing on a non-Caucasian life story. This offered a very different approach to Australia’s usually completely white-washed screen


    Almost the entire crew scouted for this project identified as queer. The project endeavored to make sure the we were providing roles and recognition for queer people on the project, allowing queer filmmakers to be part of some- thing that gives them voice.


    In the recruiting for 21, we managed to scout out a beautiful location in Berry - about three hours south of busy bustling Sydney. Due to the distance for many Sydney-sider filmmakers, we looked to regional Australia to crew on the lm. We gathered crew from all around NSW and managed to bring paying jobs to various aspiring filmmakers in regional Australia.


    Careful to move away from the idyllic white- male often shown in queer cinema, the lm focuses on a diverse and specifically non-Caucasian cast including Maori lead Michael Mitch- ell and Maori love interest Patrick Elliot. These expressions of takatāpui (a Maori term for loving someone of the same sex/identifying as queer) go against conservative cultural views of homosexuality being a European introduction to Maori culture and similarly mirror Putera’s experience of homosexuality being un-welcome due to colonised Christian mindsets in his province in Indonesia.






Georgius Putera '21'Indonesia, Film year: 2016 Duration: 6:47 minutes

Format: Movie File Image/Sound: 1.78 (16:9) 1080HD/Dolby Digital

Box Office: N/A Budget: 3000AUD Festivals: AVIFF-Cannes Art Film Festival