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Fernando Gómez-Luna ‘Platopolis’


Halfway between the tourist transgression and a dadaist essay on how to shoot, 'Platopolis' proposes the creation of a territory as a walking tour in a structure rhizome through the district of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, seated on a plateau at the foot of Mount symbolic of Montreal (Canada). From the micro to the macro, travel and stops offer a fresh of the forms of life in this hipster neighborhood where skateboarders, homeless, artists, designers or middle-class families appointment... People, fauna and flora that hatch in summer after a long and hard winter. A vibrant ecosystem as Deleuze’s plateau, ever changing and always in the middle.


Cast: Benjamin Adams, Lucas Archambault, Sacha Berg, Gloria Luz Cerquín, Pascale Coupal, Marc de Serranno, Maxime de Serranno, Tom Freeman, Jahras Mike Larry, Kevin MacDonald, Andrew McGraw, Jeremy Martin, Hannah Morrow, Johnny Nawracaj, Sophia Reuss, Jamie Ross, Gaetan St. Pierre, An Thorne, neighbors de Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.



2015 'Platopolis'.

2014 'Abe Mercedes'.

2013 'Still life III'.

2011 'Red necklace'.

2011 'Still life II'.

2011 'Tríptico [del desperdicio]'.

2010 'En serio. Es broma'.

2010 'Mi rostro es de brea'.

2009 'The unrealized film'.

2009 '1 minute'.

2009 'Barbas de ballena'.

2009 'Eros / Thanatos'.

2002 'Autorretrato de primavera'.



Bachelor of Communication Studies (University of Sevilla) and Diploma of Advanced Studies in Film Analysis (University of Córdoba), has carried out since 2009 a dozen video creations and documentaries. Some of them -My face is pitch, Red Necklace- have been selected and awarded in festivals. In 2015 he received the support for the creation of the Foundation of Plastic Arts "Rafael Boti", with which he conducted the documentary Platopolis, which addresses a neighborhood of Montreal, Le Plateau, with a fragmentary and horizontal method inspired by the model rhizome of Deleuze. He currently works with journalist and cultural manager at the University of Cordoba, where he coordinates the video contest Suroscopia.


Fernando Gómez-Luna 'Platopolis'Spain, 2015 | 70 min. | Experimental, Art, Documentary

Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: Full HD Sound: Fernando Gómez-Luna

Credits: Sound edition: Rafa Castilla. Production and edition: Fernando Gómez-Luna. Maps: Dimension DPR. Translation: Guillermo Parra. Music: Born Ruffians.