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Faire des ronds dans l’eau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the fifth Parkway Reveries of a Solitary Walker wrote: "Everything is in continual flux on earth: nothing keeps a constant shape and stopped, and affections which attach to external things pass and as they necessarily change."

"Making Ripples" is a mental and geographical wanderings in different places:

Rome, Beijing, Ile Rousse, high Maloja Engadine, Switzerland.

As over water, over time I wanted to make a video that follows the body. In a boat as it moves in life, this pitching. The heavy fleet, light shaking, the world is floating.

The clouds have a weight, water brings us not only the living but also daydream, fortuitous and aimless, slow and Excessive Force too. Perpetual motion and at the same time water continuously exceeds the scale of human time. It is also still and moving time.

To put into perspective the concept of two times, I treated the screen into two parts. "A moving image" in the upper portion of the video which the greater part of the screen and a bottom view of still pictures interrupted by sliders of different colors. These increase music, the feeling of a heart that beats like the rhythm of time.

These different time open new spaces. These delays or accelerations are born these details invisible to the naked eye and a real and subjective appears as unknown.


Anne EmeryFrance, 2012, 4'42"

worldwide Rights

H264 - MPEG - 4 AVC, 1280x720, stereo, Soundtrack without subtitles