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Elsy Hajjar ‘I Call it Love’


An encounter... a phone call... rain and lightning. A love lost in the darkness of a city, Beirut.


Cast: Sandy Andraos Myriam Geagea



At the age of 8, my father got me my first camera. I felt how enormous that moment was and that it meant so much to me but I had no idea that this will be the force driving me in life. In 2009 i started studied cinema in university as well as attending several workshops in Beirut, Cairo, Barcelona and Berlin. The discovery of the photograph in motion; Cinema was the discovering of a whole new world that I quickly fell in love with. For me, cinema is a way of expression that is capable to tell a story through flowing images. Cinema is also a way to transmit emotions to the audience in the most subtle way. As a cinematographer, I admire and enjoy how every frame; every colour, every shadow and every light gives a different feeling to the audience. I genuinely enjoy creating images that match the director's imagination and feelings, which are in turn projected to the audience. My first short film "i call it Love" (2013) for which I earned the degree in audio-visual studies at The Holy Spirit University Lebanon was screened in more than 30 film festivals, locally and worldwide and also won several cinematography awards and other prizes. I am currently working based in Beirut, and often travel to various destinations shooting documentary, fiction, web-series, music videos, TVCs and corporate videos. Cinematography and filmmaking are an intense passion that drives every day of my life.

Elsy Hajjar 'I Call it Love'Lebanon, 2013 ¦ 9min ¦ Category: Experimental, Art, Short

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Format: 16:9 Sound: Stereo

Credits: Elsy Hajjar (writer, director, cinematographer) Judith Talge: sound design Rana Jalkh: Editor