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The person and his existential condition are the main subject of this video project, we investigate a duality of a nature of man, interrelation and violation of internal and external space of the personality.

A person changes gender roles under a influence of the extreme reasons, his behavior doesn't depend on his desires. The work purpose is possibility to get some experience of the person realizing all limitation of the bodys,

mental duality, persistence of processes and the changes connected with this aspect. Complex of feelings result from a reflection, is a hopelessness and intensity, uncertainty, melancholy.



Alexander Isaenko was born in 1976 in Izmail, USSR.

Ukrainian artist who works with various media, including photography, video, text. Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.


2013 Best Exibition Project - PhotoVisa International Festival of

Photography, Krasnodar / Russia

2013 Videoformes. Clermot-Ferrand / France

2013 THE 01 Video Art Review by THE VIDEO COMMUNITY, Krakow

/ Poland

2013 THE 01 The International Video Art Review,Krakow, Poland

Alexander Isaenko with Yanina BoldyeraUkraine, Russia , 2012 | 7 min

worldwide Rights

MPEG- 1/2 video, 1440x1080, stereo