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Dorothy Kristin Hanna ‘Rendez-vous ‘

Film Description

Rendez-vous is inspired by Isadora Duncan’s poignant autobiography, My Life.  Christy Holden as Isadora, presents the fluid motion and persona of Duncan’s ”free spirited”, dance form.  Stanton Dossett portrays the suave Italian Poet/Warrior, Gabriele d’Annunzio in Paris, France, 1912.  He attempts to seduce Isadora, but becomes mesmerized by the transcendent eroticism in her dance.


Director’s Bio

Dorothy Kristin Hanna is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Painting is her medium.  The canvas is now three dimensional, a type of hollow space that becomes a series of moving pictures.  Colors and shapes create the brushstrokes:  sound and movement create the gestural content.  Story conveyed to the audience through pure embodiment of character.  Category is film.  Art is Ms. Hanna’s passion.

Dorothy Kristin Hanna 'Rendez-vous 'Duration: 12 minutes and 18 seconds Country: Louisiana, USA

Credits Director. Producer - Dorothy Kristin Hanna Screenplay - Dorothy Kristin Hanna Isadora Duncan – Christy Holden Gabriele d’Annunzio – Stanton Dossett Narration - Leslie Pico Voice of Gabriele d'Annunzio's - Joe Brucia Assistant Director - Candy Carroll Peavy Story - Isadora Duncan's Biography titled, " My Life". Chapter 24 Editor – Clyde Hargrove Special Effects – Kemerton Hargrove and Kate McFadden Colorist – Krista McKinney Pianist - Larry Meier Music Composer – Chopin --- Funeral March (3 Variations) Sound Engineer - Kyle Martin Art Director - Bruce Allen Director of Photography - Jordan Gurren Camera Director - Scarlett Hendricks Camera Assistants - Ellen Anderson, Candy Carroll Peavy Lighting & Costume Designer - Dorothy Kristin Hanna Set Decorator - Scarlett Hendricks Hair and Make Up Design - Scarlett Hendricks, Ellen Anderson Hair and Make Up Assistants - Caroline Horton, Sherry Hines Choreography Vision - Dorothy Kristin Hanna, Candy Peavy Choreography Team - Dorothy Kristin Hanna, Candy Peavy, Christy Holden, Stanton Dossett French Translations - Robert Pico, Dana Kress, Leslie Pico Pick up Shot: Drawing of 5 rue Danton, Paris, France – Bruce Allen