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Dimitar Dimitrov ’20 kicks ‘


This body, which follows the ramblings of my desires, and pays the bill for them, while the soul is trying to find its way…


The day of the bleeding gums - 2014

20 Kicks - 2016


Dimitar Dimitrov was born on 30/03/1975 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2003 he graduated with Masters degree in animation, in the class of prof. Donyo Donev at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Art. Working in the field of classical cartoon, animation performances and theater productions, as well as television productions. Currently he works as 3D animator, and Special effects artist at Gameloft Sofia and 3D animator in Nova Broadcasting Group.




Box Office:…………………



Short of the Month - August 2016 – Nomination Best Animation

The Monthly Film Festival 2016 United Kingdom – Nomination Best Animation

iPhone Film Festival USA

Cartoon Club 2016 Italy

Pachuca Short Fest 2016 Mexico

SABC Ekurhuleni International Film Festival 2016 South Africa

ASIFA-SOUTH RYO Animation Festival 2016 USA

Kraljevski filmski festival 2016 Serbia

"Balkan Film Food Festival" 2016 Albania – Special mention

TIF Video Challenge 2016 Cyprus

Los Angeles CineFest 2016 USA

FARCUME: Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de Faro 2016 Portugal

Festival International du Film d'Animation de Paris 2016 France

Animation Day in Cannes 2016 France

Golden Kuker 2016 Bulgaria

Tlanchana Fest 2016 Mexico – Awarded – Best animation

Super 9 Mobile 2016 Portugal

Videofest 2K14 2016 Mexico

12 Month Film Festival 2016 Romania

El Shaman 2016 Columbia

Toronto Smartphone Film Festival 2016 Canada








Dimitar Dimitrov '20 kicks ' (20 coups de pied)Bulgaria Film year : 2016 Duration :6:20.

AnimationImage/Sound: b&w, stereo

Credits: Art and animation: Dimitar Dimitrov- Animiter Scriptwriter: Dilyan Elenkov Music:Mira Iskarova