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Death by a …



2010 running time: 5:25sec


“Comprising of approximately 1000 frames of still images, the title of the video derives from the old chinese torture and execution method, Lingchi, or Death by   a 1000 cuts. The victim is cut little by little over an extended period of time, resulting in a slow death.


The video flickers images of war, sex and materialistic goods; intercut with the words “I HATE MYSELF.” We crave sex and material goods while constantly fighting for power through war. These images woven into flashing video, becomes a way to torture the viewer with images that he once enjoyed.”



Born in Seoul, South Korea, Bo Lee moved to Philadelphia, USA at the age of 5 and graduated from Pratt Institute of Art in New York. He balances video art with working in commercial post-production and have shown his work at Scope, Basel and Madatac in Spain among others. Currently he is in South Korea and most recently had a solo exhibition titled “Idol Worship” that comprised of new works of paintings, drawing, sculptures and videos.

Bo LeeUSA/Korea-2010-5'25"

MPEG 1/2 video-729x576-Stereo