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Common Room


Common Room speaks of universally personal experiences and the film reflects this duality. Animators had com- plete freedom to bring their personal style and experiences to the film.

 The Common Room animation Team Director’s Biography

The Common Room Team comprises 13 animators, including seasoned professionals, recent graduates and anima- tion students, who came together out of profound connection to the spoken-word poem ‘Common Room’ and its lyrics, and a desire to bring them to life.


Language of the Original Title:


Title (in original language):

Common Room Title (in english): Common Room

Título Castellano (u Original):

Common Room

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Country of production:

Israel Production Date: 2014-04-03

Other Countries of Production:

United Kingdom Category: Animation Duration:

7 min. Genre: Art Theme:

Adolescence Childhood Culture Diary Dream Other School

Original Language:


Production countries:


Animation TeamUnited Kingdom, 2014, 7 mn

worldwide Rights

H264 - MPEG - 4 AVC, 1152x648