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Malaysia, 2013 | 12 min 6 sec | Student, Art, Avantgarde, Film noir, Surreal - Directed by Pouya Eshtehardi

Resolution: 1920x1080   16:9

Format: Mp4


Producer: Pouya Eshtehardi

Screenwriter/Editor: Pouya Eshtehardi

Director of photography: Pouya Eshtehardi

Production designer: Khatereh Honarmand

Music composer: Saman Shahi



April Amoretto
Kasra Kalami


Synopsis: There are moments in our lives that we have to choose. Choose between our needs and our desires.

Coffee is a story of a painter who has lost his imagination, drinks coffee and stares at the blank canvas. One day he drops the pocket of coffee, a few moments later she is there, naked on the coach.


Biography: Born in 1984, began art with music. When he was 18 he wrote his first novel. And when he was 28 he made his first short film.

Pouya EshtehardiMalaysia-2013-12'06"

Worldwide RightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-1920x1080-Stereo