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Castle of Westerland

Castle of Westerland 

Netherlands , 2012 | 7 min 22 sec | Animation,Hybrids,Multimedia,Music video - Directed by Janja Rakus

Technique: animation

Resolution: 1280x720

Medium: Video

Format: MP4

Music: original

Synopsis: Audiovisual meditation CASTLES OF THE WASTELAND is the archetypal journey through the veils and clouds,through colors and spells, shadows and smells, through the cultural veil of inauthentic Life

Artistic statement:

Images are made to live with.
I am made to make them.
The Alchemist's role.

Janja Rakuš is a writer, visual, video and performing artist currently living between Slovenia and Holland. She finished MD of Performing arts at Dasarts in Amsterdam. She published four novels, participated on many performing festivals, exhibitions and conferences. Master Degree of Performing Arts, DasArts, Amsterdam, 2008 University of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, 1997-1999 Academy for radio, television, theatre and film, Ljubljana; 1994-1995; Slovenia

Janja RakusNetherland-2012-7'22"

Worldwide RightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-640x360-Stereo