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Bruno Gascon ‘Boy’

What happens when you're alone?
It's just another day in his life and he thinks he's a good, good boy.

Cast: Duarte Grilo

2015 -Vazio (short)
2015 -New York, New York (short)
2014 -Boy (short)

Bruno Gascon is a Director with experience across multiple genres from
narrative fiction, to documentaries, music videos, broadcast, theatrical or for the
web and commercials.
Formed in SAE Amsterdam since returning to Portugal Bruno has been linked to
several projects with national tv and independent cinema.
In 2014 he directed his first short film "Boy" that had great acceptance
nationally and internationally and received several awards such as:
Macabre Faire Film Fest 2015 -Best Actor in Short Film (BOY)
Canada International Film Festival 2015 -Rising Star Award (BOY)
Área de Contenção 2014 -Best Portuguese Short Film (BOY)
ShortCutz Xpress Viseu - Session #39 (BOY)
ShortCutz Xpress Viseu - Month Winner (November) (BOY)
CinEuphoria Awards 2015 - Top Shorts of Te Year (BOY)
CinEuphoria Awards 2015 -Best Actor in Short Film: Duarte Grilo
CinEuphoria Awards 2015 (BOY)
Audience Award top Shorts of The Year (BOY)
"Vazio" is the name of his second short film and it's a drama and psychological
thriller about the tragedy of depression, suicide and the implications of the
unemployment drama in family structures. This short film has been selected to
the Short Film Corner at Festival de Cannes 2016

Bruno Gascon 'Boy'Portugal, 2014 | 19:39 | Short | Drama / Thriller

Resolution: 16x9 Format: mpeg4 h264 Sound: stereo

Credits: Directed and Written by Bruno Gascon Starring Duarte Grilo Executive Producer Joana Domingues Director of Photography Carlos Melim Sound Designer Filipe Goulart Folley Studio Audio Flip Score Filipe Goulart Art Director Pedro Paiva Edited by Bruno Gascon Make up Artist Rita Sancti Pereira Music by Chains of Thought - The Wait Assistant Production Anaísa Rato | Joana Palminha | João Rui Silva Graphic Designer Firbaus Mustapa Story by Bruno Gascon | Joana Domingues | Joana Palminha | João Rui Silva