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Brunilda Castejon ‘Captivity’

The video shows the difficulties one encounters when taking off a sweater.

Accompanying music (Soundtrack?) is by Mateju Zbynek


Brunilda Castejón (Madrid, 1962)

Brunilda  spent the 1980s in La Movida Madrileña and travelling through Europe, establishing herself in Aachen, Berlin, München ,Hamburg and Vienna. She studied German philology, dance and theater.

At 30, she started to paint, her artistic expression showing strong influences of her past experiences in a very intimate and autobiographical way – converting ‘chance followed by obsession’ into a theme, a reflection of life – sometimes philosophically, sometimes banal, and with a discrete touch of humour and irony.

Following neither styles nor trends, she is concerned rather with what she herself wants to express and explore.

Bruni works in an interdisciplinary way, whether it is painting, drawing, photography or video.

Another affinity of Brunilda’s is with the world of contemporary dance and tai chi

Brunilda Castejon 'Captivity'Spain 2014 4'04"

1280 X 720 Audio MP4