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Asghar Hatampoor ‘Affinity’


Saeed, the youngest son of the family breaks an urn and asks his older brother (Mohsen) not to tell anything to mom, but when he takes Mohsen’s book without permission, Mohsen reports to mom and Saeed gets punished and then decides to revenge, so he secretly tears Mohsen’s book but finally Mohsen gives him the same book as a gift.


  • Asghar Hatampoor : Writer
  • Yong iranian Films : Producer
  • Mohammad Hasanzade :  Cameraman
  • Ligthing : Roozbeh Kianooshfar
  • Edit : Asghar Hatampoor
  • Actor : Matin Rajabi

Mahdi Rajabi

Sanaz Karimi



afintty 2014 /  Begin & End 2009

Asghar Hatampoor 'Affinity'Iran 2014 10' Short

Resolution: 1920*1080 Format:H264

Credits: 29 international festival of films for young adults;