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Arthur Yakubov ‘Reverse’

Synopsis: This film tells us the story of several people who are homeless and thrown out of a strictly walking ranks of society. Life moves and the people in it too. They do not look around, and do not look back. There way is only forward. And all those who have gone out of the rut, left unnoticed behind. Trampled and chew ...


Bio: Ukrainian film director and documentary filmmaker Arthur Yakubov. Participant and winner of many international film festivals. The head of the studio “Filmmaking Workshop Arthur Yakubov”.In the past, the principal director of the film-production studio “Film Structure”. In his film particular attention is paid to social themes and social justice. He is the author of the documentary film series “Little Cinema”, which have acquired considerable popularity among both: public viewers and professional film critics.He collaborates with many international agencies and organizations.

Box Office: Kazemir Malevich str. 37-41, ap. 60, 03150, Arthur Yakubov

Arthur Yakubov 'Reverse'Ukraine Film year : 2014 Duration : 4 min 53 sec

Image/Sound: 1280x720 HD (DOP Stanislav Efimets)/ Stereo (Artem Belousov)