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Allabhya Ghosh ‘Are you still the same’

Synopsis: ( A Poem By Allabhya Ghosh )


Are you still the same?

Dew wet feet; after the

end of the night;

shining on the river in the

morning light ;

do you;

in a foot;


play on boot.


under the tree;

you still;'re swinging

like a bee?


Are you still the same?

In a simple case;

your face

still change;

like a rain in forest range?

Rivalry; you still do to show

the little finger?

In huff of the race;

you can still pass the river?

Throw small lump; do you still vain ;

friends fishing?

You want to go;   with me; to view depart;

after understanding?

Are you still the same?

Small sweet smell of

flowering plants;

Still Simplicity;

on your mascara eyes; persists.

Wearing a blue frock

on white damask;

today; in my window ;

does not come ask;

“on the ground ;

will play an opera ?”

Fruit seeds; you can not throw anymore ;

my cobra!

Now I do not have to sit in the evening

in the text.

I'm thinking about you; to spend

the part of night next .

Our playground is now the factory of pharmaceuticals.

By the whip of electric; Golden dream village

is being lit up; critical .

Now you are married to someone

in a city or village.

You have forgotten me

at this age ?

In the my heart;

honey wheel;

my bee is still young ;

she is still getting the feel.




As an actor :

Kaal ( Our Time )2007

screening at the Cairo International Film Festival 2007 , Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2007 ,  Stockholm International Film Festival 2007 ,  Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema, 2007


Amatir Katha ( Short film ) 2008 ( Tale about a Gay boy )

screening at the 14th Kolkata Film Festival 2008


As a scriptwriter :

Amatir Katha ( Short film ) 2008 ( Tale about a Gay boy )

screening at the 14th Kolkata Film Festival 2008

As an Independent filmmaker :

 CINEMA ALLAR SANKOT (Struggle of Indian film maker ) 2012

Experimental Documentary Film . unreleased

CHOR ( The Thief ) 2014

screening at the 16th Winter Film Festival Cinemateca Uruguaya 2014

Worldwide Broadcasting on TEEB TV  October 27, 2014 · From Malaysia


Title not choose ( Album of Poem ) Under processing



Allabhya Ghosh was born on 10.6.1976 in Kolkata, India. Clay modeling and drawings are his favorites hobby’s. He does not believe in formal education. Writing poetry, storis, articles and novels are his passion.
He wrote the script, story and worked as an assistant Director in the short film "Amatir Katha" which was screening in 14th Kolkata film Festival. He worked for Bengail Television Channel as a Script writer and worked as an actor in so many Bengali film and Serial.
Now he is directing & producing independence feature & documentary film of Bengali. His poetry, novel & story have been published in the national & international magazines. His first book of poems is " The Mirror " and it was published when he was 17 years of age.



Allabhya Ghosh 'Are you still the same'Country, India Year | 2015 Duration | 04:43 minutes

Category (Experimental, Art, ,narrative…) Format: Digital Video Sound. Stereo Dolby

Cast : Brishti Mali Story \ Script \ Direction\ Sound Designing \ Music & Editing by Allabhya Ghosh