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After All – by Imke Woelk

After All - The culture of nature, Archeology of the future by Imke Woelk The video shows an archive of sculptures made of various plastic materials, that were found on the seashore and compares them with archaeological and cultural artefacts from early civilizations to the present day. The objects are varied by quotes of different authors, historians and natural scientists, who talk about the future of humankind. The global economic system does not serve any more the needs of the ‘human family’. Further economic concepts and more control will not solve the growing crisis. Although, without being aware, we already are at the begin of a new era. A long spiritual winter is ending and with every increasing beauty a dynamic cure (change) is happening. We need new and creative options for a coexistence between nature and society. The plastic pieces found on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea consist mainly of plastic polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (commonly abbreviated PVC), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). These plastic finds are considered as exponents of a bygone era, that has conveyed an incredible lot of waste. On the other hand, these sad relicts with their destructive energy own a sculptural strength and beauty. This paradox plays in an ironic way with the values and concepts of western art history.

'After All'by Imke Woelk

Genre Documentary 9'36" Experimental Theme Art Nature

Recording format IMovie Projection Format Digital File Screen Format 16/9 Colour Color Sound Stereo Recording techniques N/A