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Adrien Marquez Velasco “Le cœur des Hommes” (Human’s Heart)



The Paris subway is often happening, but you never take enough time to stop. Because if one stops there, it is with new colors that could see the subway: blue. Yes blue as the blue of the Parisian subway, such as blue water flowing. After all, the subway runs both quantitatively and qualitatively that the water of the Seine. And then as the blue, the color of passion because after all the metro is about passion. Few minutes in the apparatus of the camera will make you see the subway under a different eye, and maybe you'll even find it less horrible. So look well.


Adrien Marquez - Velasco headed to the cinema at the end of his studies he started to take his first video during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival (May 2010) . In 2010 he simply began to write his first scenarios and run small fans fictions.

It was during 2011 that he finally accomplished his first experimental work : The Birth . The latter film allowed him to return to Young Filmmakers Collective ( Paris ) or CJC founded by Marcel Mazé at the end of 2011. 2012 videos of The Dream and Revolution also entered into the catalog CINEDOC Paris Films Coop he also became director .

It is in 2013 , after working multitudes ( Nora Durand , Sandrine Deumier Christopher Capello ) he found the pair with which it will reach a particularly high cruising speed : Styd Nding Orgiv the artist name. He realized the date of October 2013 more than 70 videos in a few months . If the amount was to go, this was also the case of quality since 2013 he always won the first prize of the jury for The Dream Eyes Wide Open festival organized by Our INSEEC and chaired by Etienne Sandrin cultural center Pompidou. It is also in 2013 he was selected for its first festival of category 1 ( ranking of the most prestigious international festivals CNC 100) for the Curta Cinema festival in Rio de Janeiro for his film Kind Of Blue ( co-directed with Orgiv )

Adrien Marquez - Velasco has its own artistic approach. It considers the study of light particularly important because it says: "Light is the foundation of cinema." Since 2010 he produced twenty videos studies on light. It also provides a very important esthetic of his videos , especially by seeking care filters , colors and geometric shapes varied and diverse .

Adrien Marquez Velasco"Le cœur des Hommes" (Human's Heart)

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