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for god’s sake

«for god’s sake» devulapalli chakravarty


Must you kill in order to live...? When a no typical customer walks in and demands a shave, a small time barber with a traumatic past deliberates and faces an epiphany of sorts.

 Biography and Filmography - Chakravarty Devulapalli: Writer & Director – Rab da Vaaasta

With a background in the biomedical sciences, Chakravarty Devulapalli (DC) is a student of film making with specialization in Direction from Whistlingwoods International, Mumbai, India. Written and Directed by him, ‘Rab da Vaasta...’ - is his diploma project.

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Title (in english):

For God’s Sake...

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Whistling Woods International, Mumbai

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India Production Date: 2013-07-25

Category: Fiction Duration: 11 min. Genre:

Action Art Catastrophe Drama Human Rights Melodrama


Culture Hate Historical Indian Policial Politics Religion Terrorism Violence

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devulapalli chakravartyIndia-2013-11'00"

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