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17 Short Films

17 Short Films of Kuesti Fraun



Total Duration: 15'20"


1-TELEFON VS. HANDY - Video, 00 min 10 sec, colored, with sound, 2012 - Synopsis: where exactly are the limits of the so-called mobile daily life, or is there none?

2- LACH MAL WIEDER (LAUGH OUT LOUD)-Video, 02 min 38 sec, colored, with sound, 2011-Synopsis: what is it to laugh about, in this world? what is laughing?

3-ABFAHRT 09:15-Video, 00 min 05 sec, colored without sound, 2010-Synopsis: we all are in a hurry

4-EFFORT-Video, 01 min, black & white, with sound, 2015-Synopsis: there is always a way

5-WAS IST SCHON GERECHT?-Video, 00 min 20 sec, colored, with sound, 2010-Synopsis: sometimes you do not only not get what you want but also the opposite

6-POWERNAPPING-Video, 01 min, colored, with sound, 2015-Synopsis: sometimes it is not easy to get some rest

7-NO TOI/ MIASMANIE-Video, 00 min 30 sec, colored, with sound, 2008-Synopsis : phenomens of cultural diversity in times of globalization

8-NAILED-Video, 00 min 20 sec, colored, without sound, 2015-Synopsis: one, two, three. Done

9-SO DA DÜSSELDORF-Video, 03 min 04 sec, colored, with sound, 2014-Synopsis: in all the darkness there is some light

10-MONEY4NOTHING-Video, 00 min 18 sec, colored, with sound, 2009-Synopsis : If you got some money to burn give it to the good ones

11-FRAUSHALTEN-Video, 00 min 20 sec, colored without sound, 2015-Synopsis: freedom means to stand up

12-BEING HOME-Video, 00 min 30 sec, colored, with sound, 2012-Synopsis: feeling comfortable is always a status of body and mind

13-VON NATUR AUS FREUNDE-Video, 01 min 09 sec, colored, with sound, 2014-Synopsis: because people need to breath, and trees need some loving

14-TOLERANCE-Video, 01 min, colored with sound, 2014-Synopsis: although being an elastic term tolerance still has its natural limits.

15-SAUBER (CLEAN)-Video, 01 min, colored with sound, 2009-Synopsis: about feeling not welcome and the need to adjust to a society which wants to have no problems

16-CAPACITIES-Video, 00 min 09 sec, colored, with sound, 2011-Synopsis: A description of capacity, as it exists in general in its un/limited nature for man and his environment

17-KAPUTTCCINO-Video, 02 min 46 sec, colored with sound, 2014-Synopsis: A statement on consumption, on getting more than enough but not being comfortable with it

Kuesti FraunGermany-2012-total duration 15'20"

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