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15 Billion Slices..

Bilhôes De Fatias De(-T)+DEUS   (15 Billion Slices from(-T)+God)

Portugal , 2012 | 9 min | Animation, Short, Art - Directed by Cláudio Jordão

Medium/technique: 3D

Resolution: 1920x1080   16:9

Format: HD / Betacam, color Mov

Ficha Técnica | Credits List

Argumento | Script – Cláudio Jordão

Realizador | Director – Cláudio Jordão

Montagem | Editing – Cláudio Jordão

Som | Sound – Fernando Rocha

Música | Music – Joaquim Pavão

Vozes | Voices – Teresa Chaves, Carlos Duarte, Nelson Martins

Produtor | Producer – António C. Valente


Synopsis: History says that everything began with a Big Bang. The question is ... why?


Director’s Short biography

Claudio Jordão was born in March 9, 1972, at Olhão, Portugal.

He studied Design by Algarve University, in 1996.

In 1997, he created the multimedia enterprise PANTAPOIEIN.

Taught Animation at the Algarve University in 1998.

Directed in 2003, his first animation short film “Super Caps”. In 2003, initiate collaboration with the advertising agency FCB-Portugal, as motion-designer, where he directed some commercials.

Directed in 2006, the animation short film “Esperânsia”.

In 2007, founded the Animation Studio “KOTOSTUDIOS, motion-productions” dedicated to the production of advertisement and cinema films, series, documentaries and multimedia contents.

Directed in 2010, the animation short film “Tale of the Wind”, with sixty exhibitions at International Film Festivals and other programmes, it counts with 22 awards and distinctions. Directed in 2012, the animation short film “15 Billion Slices from (-t)+God”.

He’s now working in the pre-production of a new animation short film “Under your eyes”.



2004 – “SuperCaricas”

2006 – “Esperânsia”

2010 – “Conto do Vento”

2012 – “15 Bilhões de Fatias de (-t)+Deus”

Cláudio JordãoPortugal-2012-9'00"

Worldwide RightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-1920x1080-Stereo