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AVIFF 2019

AVIFF 2019  May 23 - May 24

2 days on May and a night, AVIFF “Art Film Festival” presents in Cannes for its first showing in France, a new selection of Artists’ Films during the Film Festival of Cannes.

Venue :
EDEN Hotel
133 rue d'Antibes
Cannes 06400 France
The jury this year is composed of:
Arnaud Brument, President of the jury and Art Gallerist in Paris
Angel Orensanz, President of the 'Angel Orensanz Foundation' NYC (USA)
Daria P Golestan, Artist and Director of AVIFF Cannes Festival




AVIFF Cannes 2019

-’Suncatcher’by Parker Croft (USA)

-‘Andalusian Dog’ by Richard Martin (Canada)

-‘Unfold’ by John Graham (Canada)

-‘Lightning’ by Cristina Isoli (Italy)

-‘IL19’ by Igal Stulbach (Israël)

-‘The Widow’ by Eva Depoorter ( Belgium)

-‘Don’t Panic’ by Jihea Han (South Korea)

-‘In Memory of’ by Ramy Allam (Egypt)

-‘Skyline’ by Janja Rakus (Slovenia)

-‘Alchemy on the Amstel III’ by Janja Rakus (Slovenia)

-‘Cuban Queens’ by Warren Bass (USA)

-‘Déja Rêvé’ by Amanda Macchia (Canada)

-‘Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay’ by Slawomir Milewski (Poland)

-‘Terminus’ by Gaia Alari (Italy)

-‘Palace of Pope’ by Stephanie Barber (USA)

-‘Apartment Block N°10’ by Jess Vincenza (USA)

-‘River of Oedipus’ by Xiong Da (China)

-‘Maria’s Silence’ by Cesare Bedogne (Italy)

-‘Shanghaï’ by Barbara Wielebska (Poland)

-‘Regained Bathers’ by Ludivine Large-Bessette (France)

-‘Good’ by Nadav Heyman (USA)

-‘After All’ by Imke Woelk (Germany)



Thursday 23 MAY

14.30 - 16.00

  • ‘IL 19’ directed by Igal Stulbach, Israël 2019, Experimental, Other, 3’15’’
  • ‘After All’ directed by Imke Woelk, Germany 2018, Experimental, Nature 9’00’’
  • ‘Shanghaï’ directed by Barbara Anna Wielebska, Poland 2016, Documentary, Experimental,19’31’’
  • ‘Maria's Silence’ directed by Cesare Bedogne, Italie 2017, Documentary, Experimental, 38’00’’
  • ‘Palace of Pope’ directed by Stephanie Barber, USA 2018, Experimental, Short, 12’18’’

16;30 - 18.00

  • ‘Good’ directed by Nadav Heyman, USA 2018, Experimental, Art, 8’24’’
  • ‘In Memory of’ directed by Ramy Allam, Egypt 2018, Experimental, 5’03’’
  • ‘Lightening’ directed by Cristina Isoli, Italy 2018, Short, Romance, 17’57’’
  • ‘Déja Rêvé’ directed by Amanda Macchia, Canada 2018, EXperimental, Short, 2’54’’
  • ‘Suncatcher’ directed by Parker Croft, USA 2018, Short, 12’00’’
  • ‘Temporary Solution for the Permanent Problems: #1 Don't Panic’ directed by Jihea Han, Republic of Korea 2019, Experimental, Short, 11’00’’
  • 无间 ‘River of Oedipus’ directed by Yu Daxiong, Chine 2018, Short, 19’57’’


Friday 24 May

15.00 - 16.00

  • ‘Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay’directed by Slawomir Milewski, Poland 2018, Documentary, Experimental, Feature, 50’00’’
  • ‘Andalusian Dog’ directed by Richard Martin, Canada 2019, Experimental, Short, 6’41’’
  • ‘The Widow’ directed by Eva Depoorter, Belgium 2018, Experimental, Short, 16’57’’
  • ‘Apartment Block No.10’ directed by Jess Vicenza, Australia 2017, Animation, Experimental, Student, 3’47’’

16.30 - 17.30

  • ‘Regained Bathers’ directed by Ludivine Large-Bessette, France 2019, Niche: Women, 12’45’’
  • ‘Unfold’ directed by John Graham, Canada 2019, Experimental, Short, 6’9’’
  • ‘Alchemy on the Amstell (III)’ directed by Janja Rakus, Slovenia 2019, Exêrimental, Short, 20’34’’
  • ‘Cuban Queens’ directed by Warren Bass, USA 2018, Animation, Experimental, 6’00’’
  • ‘Terminus’ directed by Gaia Alari, Italy 2018, Animation, Experimental, 3’44’’
  • ‘Skyline’ directed by Janja Rakus, Slovenia 2019, Experimental, Short, 6’34’’






Dates & Deadlines: Opening Date - Late Deadline - Notification Date -  Date

Submission fees : 25 €