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AVIFF 2018  Official Selection

AVIFF 2018  Official Selection

Cannes May 12 & May 13

-Kaleidoscope, 2018, 4mn 11s, Philippines-Canada. Submitted by Kent Donguines. Experimental, Art, Literature.

Innocence gets disturbed as she dreams of a vision introducing her to two different attributes of life - virtues and sins - it's taking over her. As the two attributes take over, the beauty of having both is seen in a kaleidoscope perspective because at the end of the day, as a person, you can be both good and bad.

-Perfect Love, 2017, 29mn, Iran-Germany. Submitted by Darius Etemadieh. Fiction, Comedy, Drama, Erotic.

A desperate artist is losing himself in the alluring illusion of a perfect love, that wakens dreams and desires that lay forever dormant. A love, that mirrors a relationship free of judgment and expectations. But our Hero’s past looms over his happiness like a dark cloud, soon to erupt. PERFECT LOVE is a tragic comedy about a man's attempt to cope with loneliness and isolation. The film polarizes and offers everyone his or her personal space for projection

-Les Diaboliques-Remix2018, 44mn, France. Submitted by Hugues Sanchez. Experimental, Fiction, Art, Drama, Electronic, Film noir, Horror, Music (electronic).

Christina and Nicole murder Michel and throw him in the swimming pool, but the body disappears… «Les diaboliques-remix» entirely restructures and reassembles Clouzots’ psychological masterpiece in order to conjure up the films’ surrealism.

-Glass and Bones2017, 27mn, Italy-France. Submitted by Giulio Boato. Documentary, Art, Animation.

A dream journey to Jan Fabre's exhibition Glass and bone sculptures 1977-2017 at the 57th Venice Biennale of Art. An "angel spectator" enters a deserted abbey in the heart of Venice, where she discovers sculptures and installations made entirely of two materials: glass and bones. Through his gaze, the audience walks between death and metamorphosis, discovering the thought of one of the most influential artists of the last decades, for whom art, science and religion are intimately tied.

-Hotel Diary, 2018, 6mn, Slovenia-USA. Submitted by Nataša Stearns. Film noir, Drama, Romance, Mystery.

A long forgotten encounter comes to life through fragments of real and imagined recollections. Longing, memories and nostalgia are at play in a chronicle of an affair, set in a deserted interiors of a Los Angeles hotel. Water is present everywhere, not just as an element, but indicating the subconscious and desire. The atmosphere reminds of Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Fritz Lang’s Secret Beyond the Door. 

-Nightmares By The Sea, 2018, 17mn 58s, USA. Submitted by Skinner Myers. Experimental, Fantasy.

Niko Myles has recently lost the custody of his son, Yutaka. As he tries to figure out where he went wrong in life, he decides to confront his ex-wife over the custody dispute.

-Are You Holding Me, Or Am I Holding Myself ? 2017, 11mn 47s, Mexico-USA. Submitted by César Brodermann. Experimental, Narrative Fiction, Short.

This film is a self study examining the relationship between our minds and our bodies, our thoughts and our actions, and the sometimes insurmountable gaps between what we think we want to feel and what we actually experience.

-Strangers,  2017, 3mn 16s, Canada. Submitted by Eve Duhamel. Animation, Experimental, Short, New Media Web.

Strangers is an experimental non-spoken short film that tells the surreal stories of 9 characters evolving in the same space in a complex choreography of interlaced paths. The tight human pattern they weave often comes really close to overlapping, yet they remain invisible to one another.

-Creme, 2016, 30s, USA. Submitted by Hiss Hiss. Film Noir, Romance, Thriller, Fantasy, Music.

A 30 second film inspired in part by the scratched daguerrotypes of EJ Bellocq.

-Nursed Back, 2017, 3mn 6s, Australia. Submitted by Danielle Pearce. Drama, Experimental, Short.

Nursed Back is a narrative, dance film that explores how we deal with grief in unconventional ways. The film centres on a nurse as she realises the loss of a patient. The nurse begins to dance, which acts as a cathartic release of her emotion. This film is an unconventional, harrowing and ultimately beautiful dance piece.

-Tokyo Story, 2014, 12mn 13s, USA. Submitted by Edward Levinson. Experimental, Short.

A black and white pinhole digital short movie about Tokyo. An homage to Japanese film director Ozu Yasujiro and his original 1953 "Tokyo Story"

-Dream Logic2017, 5mn, Canada. Submitted by Amanda MacchiaExperimental, Short, Installation, Video Art.

DREAM LOGIC is a short film questioning the ways in which we approach the subjective and the artificial. The paradoxical 'self-aware fake film' concept stems from the irrational application of logic in dreams and how we either use the same illogic when interacting with art and life, or neglect it altogether.

-Recover, 2017, 12mn, Netherlands. Submitted by Frances Alleblas. Short.

The video "Recover" was shot mostly without the kayaker knowing that I was filming. I accidentally came across this man and was simply intrigued by his meditative movements, his focus and how his body and the canoe seem to merge into one. He'd be upside down, disappearing into the water, sometimes just long enough to make you wonder if he'd ever make it back up. He'd make the most beautiful moves, very dramatic and exercised with the greatest precision. Almost ritualistic. I had no idea what the man was doing in the water, and I'd never seen anything like it before. I later learned that the kayaker is practising so called 'qayaq rolls'.

-The Knits, 2017,10mn, Canada. Submitted by Lisa Birke. Experimental, Avant Garde, ArtHouse, Women, Environment, Video Art, Performance for Video.

A sweater, lovingly and arduously knit by a mother, incrementally unravels as her daughter treks her way across Canada by foot. Along the way, the film tugs at the crossed threads of familial ties, art versus craft, gendered materiality, and the relationship we have with mother nature and her great divide.

“The Knits” is a loving yet humorous homage to the artist’s mother and her chronic affliction of “the Knits”.

-Poem  For  Loa2017, 5mn, Slovenia. Submitted by Janja Rakus. Animation, Experimental, Short.

Glitch poem inspired by Haitian proverb :

"Great Gods cannot ride little horses"

With glitch art, "digital wabi sabi", I explore the boundary between representation and abstraction. World of wild animal serves only as a point of departure, a pretext to shape inner motion, forces, energy, vision and mystery.The resulting composition remain suspended between representation and abstraction, between depth of the nature and the surface of the screen.Reduced mass of pixels reminds us what lies beneath the surface, beyond the screen. Screen is a laboratory of the Eye. Pixel is a new Clay.

-Day and night2017, 5mn, France. Submitted by Emma Séméria. Romance, Drama, Adventure, Travel, Identity, Depression.

Two lovers once promised each other to go to Japan together but now she is having a big breakdown. He helps her to recover.

-The Performance, 2017, 7mn 53s, China-USA. Submitted by Miao Hao. Short, Student, Drama, Comedy.

A story about a starving artist faints on the ground at a gallery opening reception. Unexpectedly, no one in the gallery helps him out but enjoys watching his fainting in an absurd way.

-Bound, 2017, 3mn 14s, USA. Submitted by Jan Becker. Experimental.

An art film about consciousness.

- Who are you?, 2017, 3mn 13s, Greece. Submitted by Vasilis Karvounis. Experimental.

“When I wrote the first one, in 1953. I wanted ‘the protagonist’ to be an extremely dull, uninteresting man to whom things happened ... One of the bibles of my youth was Birds of the West Indies, by a well-known ornithologist, and when I was casting about for a name for my protagonist I thought, My God, that’s the dullest name I’ve ever heard, so I appropriated it. Now the dullest name in the world has become an exciting one.

-Ian Fleming

- Marche Celeste, 2017, 2mn 22s, France. Submitted by Maximilien Franco. Experimental.

Maximilien Franco’s piece is commited to transcribing photographer Alexis Pichot’s experiences of night immersions at the heart of the forest. The images, made of chiaroscuro, plays of lights and night visions, express the visual transition of the artist’s work.

- The Imagemaker, 2017, 19mn, USA. Submitted by Sarah Lasley. Fantasy, Drama.

A Vegas showgirl wanders into the desert while performing her routine. The harsh natural conditions force her to acknowledge her own physical needs, and she transforms from a beautiful object into a living being with thoughtsdesires, and a point of view. Yet this is a dangerous freedom, as the viewer turns voyeur and ultimately predator. 'The Imagemaker' engages the relationship of the viewer to the viewed with the artist playing both director and performer. Shot entirely alone in the desert, the film explores the Sisyphean effort of living female by presenting the hazards of both self-consciousness and self-liberation.

- Das Leben ist kein Wunschkonzert, 2017, 17mn 11s, France. Submitted by Alexane Perrin. Experimental, Short.

Through the portrait of a man implicitly appears the chronicle of a broken heart.

- The Dérive, 2017, 7mn 39s, Islamic Republic of Iran. Submitted by Tanin Torabi. Experimental, Short, Student, Dance, Social.

An exploration of social and cultural issues. A dancer moves among the people in an old bazaar in Tehran capturing the responses and reactions. Dance is prohibited in Iran.

-Trio, 2016, 3mn 20s, Canada, Submitted by John Graham. Experimental, Music Video, Short.

Trio is a compilation of 3 otherworldly visions performed by 3 dancers entitled Sense, Attention and Inflection. Trio explores 3 metaphorical characters who intersect in stories told through gestures, body and sound.

-Afloat, 2017, 11mn, UK. Submitted by Riffy Ahmed. Art,  Diaspora, Unlikely Hero, Performance Art, Mystery, Fantasy, Geisha, Japanese.

Afloat is an experimental narrative film that paints a portrait of Japanese performance artist: Ayumi Lanoire.

The film opens as a telephone call between the subject and Person X, which meanders and leads the audience through the various layers that make up her persona leading one to question whether she is in fact a myth or reality.

- The Man Who Wasn’t Here, 2017, 17mn, Islamic Republic of Iran. Submitted by Ata Mojabi. Short.

In a dark and far far away planet called Sinema that everything ‎is frozen on it, a wounded man is going to get revenge.‎

- Song Sotto Voce, 2017, 10mn 20s, France. Submitted by Pierre Bessette. Experimental, Short.

A young woman wanders the deserted expanses with a rolling suitcase. A father appears on her skin like a tattoo. A journey between two distresses where poetry is the only salvation.

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