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Vincent Bergeron ‘La prochaine terre’


Oil Painting since I year in Montreal


During and after his studies in imagination, to his brain since 1979, from Victoriaville to Montreal, Vincent Bergeron has focused on his sound fragments (90 compositions in 1à years) and a short written texts. Vincent has always created for himself without any desire to be part of anything even according to the values he is thinking about within his life.

He now explores video editing and photography to find the visual equivalent of his music variations and sound patterns combined with varying characters and spaces in all visual collages



‘Même quand ils se fâchaient on tendait l’oreille pour entendre’ 2014

‘Village de la métaphore’ 2015

Virtuel inconnu, la prochaine terre’ 2016

Vincent Bergeron 'La prochaine terre'Canada 2016 2'08" Experimental

16.9 4/3 MP4 44hertz

Vincent Bergeron : Photography Video editing & Music