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Thomas Dorman § Ronnie Belcher “The Lovers”

The lovers - 2012 - 9.57Transcending the boundaries of a love story, The Lovers transports viewers into a post-apocalyptic setting redolent with classic 1920s styling. A man and a woman explore their relationship within a metaphorical context, hinting at the art of René Magritte through a Dali-esque landscape. The film leads viewers using elements of Surrealism. Stark cinematography and symmetrical framing add to a picturesque experience. The story remains open to individual subjective interpretation without compromising a strong narrative element.

BlackMilk Productions was started in 2008 as a collaboration between aspiring filmmakers Thomas Dorman and Ronnie Belcher. Thomas Dorman co-writes and co-directs all BlackMilk projects. He also heads up all animation requirements. After completing his studies in commercial art and design, he started out as a graphic designer and has won two international design awards. In the interim, Thomas has achieved the position of creative director at an advertising agency. Photography is one of his other creative outlets and his work has been published in various magazines, both locally and abroad, including one small seed, Marquis, Kultur and Bizarre magazines.

Price 500€ - 20 limited edition

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