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Thanasis Neofotistos Ο Ήλιος κι ο Βοριάς (The Sun and the Wind)

Synopsis: An artistic fairy-tale inspired by Aesop’s fable “the sun and the wind” along with the poetry of George Drosinis.
A woman is walking carefree in the fields, collecting flowers and windmills,
completely clueless about what is going to happen to her when the sun and the
wind fight over who is stronger. They will both attempt to undress her. Each one
uses his strongest assets. The first one uses his force, the second one his warmth.
Who will be the winner?

Biography: Thanasis Neofotistos was born and raised in Athens. He initially studied
Architecture in DUT and afterwards continued by studying Film Directing and just
recently obtained his Bachelor in Q.M.U (AMC) Film Studies. One of his
characteristic assets, scenography, is an influence from both his studies. Up to now
the two short films that he has completed for the purposes of his studies, has
obtained several awards such as Best Short Film, Best scenography and
distinctions in Film Directing.
* Basic Filmography: "Engraved Rose" (2011-09') | "Für...Sophie" (2012-05')

Ο Ήλιος κι ο Βοριάς (The Sun and the Wind) Greece, 2013 | 10 min 0 sec | Children, Experimental, Narrative fiction - Directed by Thanasis Neofotistos

Selling conditions : 10 Box set limited edition + certificate Price on demand

Medium: video data Resolution: HD 1920x1080 16:9 Format: H264 Language Greek/subtitles english Direction / Art Direction / Editiong: Thanasis Neofotistos Photography: Vladimiros Poliakov & Eri Sound Design & Original Music: Alejandro Cabrera 3D Effects : Art Factory - Vasilis Anfriopoulos Screenplay: Thanasis Neofotistos & Grigoris Skarakis Cast: Maria Oikonomou, Aiolos & Orfeas Xaralampous