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Simon Welch ‘Focus’


Pierre, a retired French miner, who lives surrounded by birds and various domestic pets, describes how his life has been blighted by supernatural events. References made to ghosts parallel sequences showing industrial remains that have been preserved as memorials in the northern French landscape, thus representing traces of a recent but nonetheless bygone age.  The title of the film, Focus, relates both to cinematic technique and poltergeist activity and is derived from the Latin word for home. Images of St Barbara, the patron saint of miners, refer to the religious and superstitious beliefs of men employed in dangerous conditions. The  caged birds recall the use of canaries as warning systems in mines and reinforce the idea that, wherever he goes, Pierre cannot escape forces (whether real or imaginary, psychological or socio-economic) that are not bound by geographical and physical constraints.

Cast:Pierre K.


Capsule (2016)

HD video, colour & B&W, 16/9 format, 9’0’’


Domain and Range (2015)

HD video, colour & B&W, 16/9 format, 6’


Prelude (2014)

HD video, colour, 16/9 format, 6’55’’


Focus (2014)

HD video, colour, 16/9 format, 7’50’’


Cast (2012)

HD video, colour, 16/9 format, 6’40’’


Psychosomatic Event (2011)

colour, 16/9 format, 3’20’’


Bobby (2010)

colour, 16/9 format, 4’


Western (2009)

colour, 16/9 format, 3'


Euro Vision (2009)

colour, format 16/9, 3'20"


Low Tide (2009)

colour, format 16/9, 1'20"


Veneration (2009)

colour, 4/3 format, 3'


Seven (2009)

colour, 4/3 format, 57"


Summertime Blues (2008)

colour, 4/3 format, 1'40"


Final Call (2007)

colour, format 4/3, 3’05


Encounter (2007)

colour, 4/3 format, 2’10’’


Shades (2007)

colour, 4/3 format, 2’12"


Tam Tam (2007)

colour, 4/3 format, 2’04"


Flotsum (2007)

colour, 4/3 format, 4’23"


Something Old, Something New (2007)

colour, 4/3 format, 2'32"


En Paix (2006)

Colour, 4/3 format, 3’


Water Under The Bridge (2006)

colour, 4/3 format, 4’


Tamarins (2006)

colour, 4/3 format, 3’50’’


French Revolution (2005)

Colour, 4/3 format, 1’



British artist and filmmaker based in France since 1994. Studied Fine Art (painting) at WSCAD (Farhnham, UK) and then at Liverpool Polytechnic in the 1980s. Subsequently studied Visual Arts at Strasbourg University to PhD level. Regularly shows films in international film and video festivals and exhibitions.